Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm A Little Bit Raw, A Little Bit Roast Beef

People talk to me about food. With some of them it's a professional relationship and I provide support, feedback, and accountability. With others there is less a formality. People tell me what they eat, what they think they shouldn't eat, what they eat that is good for them, what they eat that is bad for them, ask me what they should order, tell me what they know they should order but what they really want, tell me what they want but order something else and/or apologize for what is on their plates.

The biggest and best lesson I learned during my courses to become a health counselor was everyone is different, every one's nutritional needs are different, and no 1 diet works for everyone. This was revolutionary, I was set free. With a true understanding of this comes NO judgment on anyone at any time for their food choices. This means I no longer regard what people around me are eating unless they have asked for my opinion, guidance, or support around food choices. When someone comes to me and tells me that what they are doing isn't working for them, I am happy to listen. (Admittedly I have at times looked in people's shopping carts in the grocery store, I am curious what people are buying and choosing to feed their families. Research.)

Yesterday I ate the following:

banana walnut bread
soy latte
mini croissant
2 piece sausage links
2 piece bacon
1 piece french toast
2 mimosas
1 mini cannoli
1 mini chocolate thing
cup coffee
beet salad with shrimp and goat cheese
piece of birthday cake
bread and butter
1 cocktail
1 glass wine
few bites of sardines
few bites of cod fritters
few bites of chicken liver pate
few bites of pig ear terrine (can we give that another name? please?)
2 glasses of wine
bread and butter

I'm a little bit Raw and a little bit Roast beef. What can I say? I challenge you not to judge me on my choices.

I was out with old friends, a bridal shower, a birthday brunch (the same crew that I dove off my master cleanse with..ouch). Last night I had a terrible time sleeping and have had to run to the bathroom more than once today. I am not judging myself for sugaring it up, and diving into some "wine induced" exotic food choices. I had fun.

A little bit Raw

Understanding that yesterday is now past and I look forward to feeling better, I will start to "clean up and clear out" (thats for you C.A.). Food is the best medicine for this. Green smoothie to start the day and lots of water. Miso soup for lunch with lots of veggies (just bring water to a boil then turn off and throw in chopped vegetables till they start to wilt--bok choy and mushrooms are perfect for this) add fresh miso in at the end. Kale-avocado salad and grilled chicken for dinner.

Kale and Spinach Smoothie
Kale, spinach, whole orange, frozen strawberries, frozen mango

Try adding some herbs, too! I LOVE parsley–it’s so healthy, cleansing, and refreshing

Kale avocado salad
Kale torn into small pieces
1 avocado cut into chunks
1/4 red onion chopped
1/2 red bell pepper chopped
drizzle with a little olive oil and lemon juice and massage in (if you're up for it)

A little bit Roast Beef

I felt SO 50's the other night. Chop and I hosted my boss and his wife (they are also our neighbor's, landlords, and friends) for dinner and I made a roast! Ha! Meat is still a relatively new adventure for me and I am always trying something I've never had before. Roast was good, perhaps it was a little over cooked, but that's just perfect for me, as bloody meat has yet to grow its appeal. Of course I always buy and condone buying the highest quality meat you can afford and this means, No antibiotics, No hormones, and grass fed or pasture raised.

After a meal of grounding winter foods like meat and potatoes I feel a little sleepy, but full and satisfied, in a way that I like to feel about once a week (since I started nursing my son).

(3-4 lbs)

4 cloves garlic mince, dried basil, dried oregano, and nutmeg. Rub into top and sides. cook in oven 500* for 20 minutes--lower temp to 350* cook for 1 hour 15 minutes

I have an awesome RB picture, but my camera connecting wire is not here and I'm afraid I will never get this post up if I wait. Maybe next week when I write about some food that has no relation to roast beef I'll post the picture. wacky stuff