Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Living. Loving. Getting Feet Wet and Dirty. Rockin.

I was taught it is best to write about your experience, life lesson, recipe, tip for health, etc after you had gone through it for yourself. Experience- learn- then teach.

This is such great advice. Wonderful really. It helps you to hone your craft, learn from your life's experience, and teach others to learn from theirs. Listen to your body, listen to what your friends and family teach you about yourself, pay attention to the world around you.

But then I got stuck.

I stopped writing.

Life was looking messy. My 2 year old, my relationship, my business, my self. So many areas to pull from, I was in the middle of SO many of life's lessons. In the middle of it all, life shifting daily, new challenges, new dishes, and new experiences all around. Was it ever going to end? Would I ever make it to the either side…and what would that look like? Perfection? Ha!

I found myself blocked with seemingly nothing mastered. And so I waited…and waited.

Then I received a message from an old friend (an actual message, not a hoodoo voodoo message, though I will take it as such—synchronistic). Apparently something about my half-truthed, half learned, half experienced teachings were of value to her. She was picking up what I was throwing down and a little disappointed that I had stopped throwing down. Her words were not only encouraging, but also so obviously the answer I was looking for…perfection in all of life’s imperfection.

A lesson learned it seems. The value of imperfection. The cycle of life challenge turned lesson learned will continue to shine as imperfect perfection. Confused?

So am I, and apparently that is the gift to us all.


When I am feeling sticky and spacious (I like that better than stuck and spacey) I know I need a little pick me up and not of the caffeine persuasion. A cleansing meal does just that. This soup is my go to. It is warming, grounding, cleansing, and de-li-cious.

Miso/ Dashi Broth (shown here with mushrooms, seaweed, and scallion)

· 1 sm packet of bonito flakes

· 1 sheet kombu (kelp)

· 32 oz water or vegetable broth

· let simmer for 20-30 minutes

· strain

· 1 Tbl sesame oil

· 2 Tbl soy sauce

· add vegetables (carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, mushroom, broccoli, spinach, etc)

· add shrimp (optional)

· Let simmer till soft

· Add 1 Tbl of fresh sweet white miso in bowl pour broth over and mix

I know not everyone has bonito flakes and kelp in their cupboard. Don't let that stop you! Your local health food or chinese grocer will have them for you--you can up the nutritional ante of your dry storage and once you see how easy this soup is to make, you'll be making it again and again.

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