Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's Not Pregnant, IT'S BLOAT!


Poor body image is not in our heads! Every one of us has to put aside the Star* magazine critic in our heads (nevermind NOT buy the magazines), and make peace with our unique shape. (And isn't this just disgustingly cruel?!)

This time of year is always a little tough for me, transitioning from our isolated, insular family in the winter, to working opposite schedules, and living in the center of town during the summer. It's like BA-BAAM (!)-- it is on.

This year the seasonal transition is dredging up some old beliefs and feelings about myself, my body, and my life.

Settling into the summer, in the land of tans, bands, and beach parties (I just coined that--a little corny, but I think it works) I start to feel a little out of place.

I am no longer the young college girl I came out to Block Island as, and I work to resist the urge to feel like I must fit in. Fitting in is something from my past. When I was in high school I worked to fit in and be popular-- I dressed up every day, wore tight clothes, lots of make up, and valued myself based on my appearance and how people perceived me.

As the beautiful, young, fresh faces of summer start to arrive, I find myself looking in the mirror a little more. I focus more on the clothes I choose, I judge my body's appearance, I start to doubt the woman I am and revert back to looking more at my physical value.

Something I have learned (somewhere between college girl and woman/mother) is

where there is discomfort or dis-ease, there is an opportunity for growth.

---I am reminded to show my body love--every inch--even the cellulite on my thighs, and my soft breasts from nursing my boy.

---I am reminded to eat well and drink water to feed my brain, my skin, and to teach my young son how to love and nourish himself.

---I remember to surround myself with people who reflect my life as it is now. People who seek to live a life without the fears and beliefs of their past (no matter how often, or what time of year they come creepin'). Those who choose to take time out of the crazy-hazy and care for themselves--drink water, eat fresh healthy foods, and give themselves some space and compassion. And I know that in the fast pace of summer, "my tribe" can get pretty busy and it takes work to seek each other out.

This year, transition into summer has worked one over on me, but I am coming around the bend-- remembering to seek growth from the experience (I forgive you, 17 year old Persephone) and, despite the discomfort, put myself out there again.

Calling all TRIBE MEMBERS----

Together, lets give our bodies some love--thighs and all.

xoxo Persephone
love somach

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