Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Promises Promises (brussel sprout 2 ways)

My promise (to myself) is 1 post a week, I'm thinking Wednesdays. Readership is down, my 2 month hiatus hurt the cause-- but it's about the food, tricks in the kitchen, creativity, and life's lessons. So Wednesdays it shall be.

Happy December Yo!

Hope everyone had a warm and cozy Thanksgiving. I saw an actress on Ellen yesterday talking about her family's "pajama Thanksgiving", everyone in her family wears their new Christmas pjs all day. I thought that sounded kind of fun. I also think the era of dressing up... pantyhose, small martini glasses, heals, and coats with belts, sounds pretty darn nice as well. Of course I think most of us find ourselves somewhere in between, but next year I'm thinking themed holidays.

Chop and I got our tree this weekend too! This is kind of a big deal to me, because our family never really bought our trees this early. I felt like I was breaking some kind of rule (an unspoken rule, noone was that strict in my family). We are very spoiled, for this Christmas we have 2 trees! One on the mainland and one on the island. We spend a majority of our time on the island, but the mainland is where our "home" is and where we spend x-mas, so it only makes sense. By Sunday night both trees were up and decorated.... it's on.

Christmas gifts in our family have been paired down over the years, as with most family's I'm sure...with the current economy (I feel like a talking head when I say something like that, but ain't it the truth!?). Last year it was Limoncello, cookies, and pictures of Wesley. Don't tell anyone, but this year too! The Limoncello and cookies aren't cheap, but they are delicious and certainly less expensive than the Wii's or all those ipods I used to buy back before the baby.

I could put my limoncello recipe here and take some pictures for you, but I think I should allow this guy to show you how it's done. Talk about intense, a little obsessive, but thorough and sure to create an outstanding product. There are also a bunch of great cocktail recipes for after the limoncello is made that sound delicious and only a bit dangerous. I used Grain alcohol for mine, and may I suggest not trying the limoncello until you have a finished product with sweetener and all, unless you like that limb numbing, speech slurring feeling on a Sunday afternoon.

My cookie recipe will be shared, but in due time. I make jarred cookies, meaning all the ingredients minus the oil and the egg are in the jar. The cookies I make were a favorite when I baked for the little coffee shop Juice and Java, and the jar version of the cookies were deemed successful. They aren't just any ol' sugar cookie and I think it would be great if you decided these cookies would be a good gift for your family as well. Next Wednesday I will post it---I promise.

Ok lastly, a recipe for this week. I had big plans on Thanksgiving to make a brussel sprout salad. I had never made a dish with raw brussel sprouts before, and when this salad came out so delicious for dinner one night, I decided this new lease on brussel sprouts had to be shared! What I hadn't planned for, was every market on Thanksgiving is closed! On the island, it is to be expected, but I guess I just thought the mainland was a magical place where markets never close and you can buy ice cream and/or brussel sprouts any time, any day. So I wasn't able to share my brussel sprout salad with my family, much to my chagrin, though I am happy to share it here and now.

Sprout Salad
1/2 stalk brussel sprouts
1 avocado
handful of toasted sunflower seeds
handful of dried cranberries
1/2 cup shaved parmesan and/or asiago
1/4 cup olive oil
4 Tbl Lemon juice
s and p to taste

Clean and de-stem the brussel sprouts and then slice them nice and thin. They are like mini cabbages and so slice the same way.

Toss the bs with the olive oil and lemon and let sit while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Toast the seeds.

Shave the cheese.
Slice the avocado.
Toss and eat!

Using half the stalk for the salad allows you to make "brussel sprout two ways". Take the other half of the bunch, toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and some chopped red onion. Put them in the oven for 40-50 minutes on 400* You can make a whole meal all about the sprouts! These blood detoxifying, nutrient rich, cruciferous gems are sure to please this Holiday season.

One more tip: Dried rosemary can be kind of a pain, I actually stopped using it a switched to thyme because it was so frustrating, but I missed the flavor. Using it whole is like seasoning with a bunch of little twigs, not fun to eat. Chopping it leads to a dried rosemary covered kitchen (it flies everywhere). Solution: Create a little puddle of water on your cutting board (just a few drops) and chop your rosemary in the water, problem solved.

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natalieaubin said...

I'll have to try this salad tomorrow night along with the roasted butternut squash & carmelized onion pizza I'm making tomorrow night. Thanks.
No pics of Wes in this post :(