Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog relevance (cold oat cereal)

He's getting much bigger (and cuter) everyday. Must be the milk.

So I am curious what my readers come here for. Is it an update on the family, our life on the island, recipes, food ideas, all of the above? This thought came up for me as I questioned whether or not to update today. I haven't been cooking much, actually that isn't true, but I haven't been experimenting much and I am afraid new ideas in the kitchen seem to be waining, making it difficult to come across as fresh and inspiring.

So what relevance does this blog have to look forward to? Well, we start receiving our CSA shares in 2 weeks. This will hopefully bring some fun fresh vegetables and inspiration in the kitchen. Wesley may or may not start eating a bit more, this could lead to some baby food ideas. So far he is still primarily nursing, and despite a promising start out of the "solid food" gate, he has seemed to have completely lost interest. Spring is passing, summer is almost here, and with that change comes less interest in the restaurants. We have been eating out big time, and we are certain to get bored soon. I am excited to experiment a bit more with raw foods, and I have to admit that after the cleanse I realized dairy and wheat don't sit so well with me. This is a crazy-mad realization.

I have denied having any food sensitivities for years, I pride myself on having a fluid diet that sometimes includes some not so healthy items. It has been the fluidity and balance that sets my food relationship apart. Though after the cleanse I had stomach pain for 2 days as I reintroduced wheat and dairy (together, like an idiot-- which one was it?) I believe it to be high fat dairy (like ice cream..ouch) and white flour products in the worst way, then the rest trickles down from there. I am back on goats milk products only and sticking to whole grain, hoping to kick the habit and find the balanced allowance once again....we'll see.

In the meantime, a great SIMPLE breakfast for y'all, Chopper and I, which does not include wheat, dairy, refined sugar, or a stove.

1 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of date pieces
2 cups of almond milk (or milk of your choice)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds

Combine and let sit in fridge over night. The next morning the sunflower seeds will still hold their crunch, the dates will be softened and sweeten the cereal throughout, and the oatmeal will eat like oatmeal without having to be cooked. Puuuurrrrfect.

How I have been spending my time lately.


Bethany said...

Anything you find interesting or fun or get excited about. I love seeing you and the baby, the island, your cooking, your cool jewlrey, your adorable house, all your photos, I read a book you recommended and loved it. Whatever you're inspired to write about and share Persephone. Just blog your life buddy.

Emily said...

I read your blog because it keeps me connected to you and I will take what I can get these know, because we are so good at getting together! And I love everything you write about too - from adorable pictures of Wesley to new and exciting recipes and ideas - you get me thinking about how I can improve on things...Persephone's doing more greens? eating oatmeal for breakfast? good idea! - think I will give it a whirl. Thank you.

Kate said...

I agree with Bethany & Emily, blog about anything and everything...along with pictures of Wesley! I appreciate the cold oat ceral recipe since we are now living stoveless for the next 4 months!! Just keep writing so we can keep reading. Hope to see you on the beach soon!

R. Eductil said...

Your baby is very sweet. And also read a book that you have determined earlier that was also awesome.

jamie said...

Love the photo on the beach..that is a great way to be spending your family time!!! -- I come to you blog for food ideas (love this cereal one) and get an update on your life and family! Also, I like when you talk about the nutritional content of food. Every time I eat something I look up it up on line.. I like knowing what it is doing for my body. Like dates are full of iron and selenium which is great for your immune system and thyroid! When I was a kid I always read my grandma's book Foods That Heal and Foods That Harm-- still love it!
Anyways, I think your blog is great!!

natalie aubin said...

All of your recipes are great and I learn so much from your blog, but of course the biggest reason that I come here is to see photos of Wes :)

Alicyn said...

Your combination of honesty and humor have me hooked! Love to be inspired by the yummy recipes too xoxo

Madeline Rains said...

Wes and you and Chopper and recipes and inspiration and everything you have ever come up with!! I don't read blogs anymore but still sneak in yours once in a while. I would love for you to use summer veggies that we are growing in recipes and I'll cross post it at my farm blog. My camera is broken.

We miss you!