Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New Collaboration

As you may have all foreseen, Aaron has moved on. He says since going off the cleanse, sentences aren’t forming, his thoughts are more abstract, and he is unable to write about his last days. Summer is here, and Aaron needs no excuses of poor sentence structure for me to understand where his thoughts are. Regardless, I can tell you that during the time we were all cleansing, our thoughts were positive ones, and our connections with each other (all the cleansers) were strong.

Aaron’s day 6 was spent experimenting and preparing a special cleanse friendly meal to be served at the restaurant where he was working. His creation was a “hamburger” complete with a cleanse friendly bun (no easy feat), served with a side of “fries” and a salad. Eight out of the twelve cleansers enjoyed a night out, and were able to indulge in a meal that tasted like no other they had eaten those 10 days.

The burger was made with quinoa, millet, beet, carrot, and zuchini pulp, and a myriad of seasonings. It was served with a spicy “aioli”. Aioli is usually made with mayonaisse, he made an aioli using sesame seeds as the thickener and jalepenos as the spice. Lettuce, onion, and tomato all served on a sesame seed bun made with quinoa flour. The “fries” were carrot sticks dusted with curry powder, they of course tasted nothing like French fries, but the visual on the plate offered a dynamic which proved how much more there is to food beyond how it tastes. Texture, scent, and aesthetic all play such a powerful role in the enjoyment of a meal.

Chopper and I were enjoying our “burgers” (lot of quotations are used with cleanse friendly meals), when I saw the restaurant staff head to the kitchen followed by the bartender with a tray of colorful glasses. I knew what this meant. Shots all around. Could Aaron possibly be refraining, especially after reaching such a pinnacle moment in the cleanse? I went back to say hello and with not an ounce of guilt Aaron let me know he was off the cleanse. I don’t know if it was food or alcohol Aaron came off with, I am tempted to say all and lots of it. I am so happy and proud for him for the 6-7 days (he started with a pre-game day of all veggies) he accomplished, and for how he delved in, experimenting with food and writing each day. It was really fun and eye opening to have him as part of the group.

I haven’t seen Aaron since the cleanse ended. Actually that isn’t true, I’ve seen him, but our encounters have been brief - usually a wave as he drives by with a cute girl who’s just arrived on island, or in front of the liquor store- I live right across the street and this is where I run into many friends. This makes me a little sad, of course I miss my friend, but I am also really excited for the collaboration that has transpired during this cleanse and beyond. We plan on working together more in the future, and once the summer ends and the beach beauties and booze settle down, we will start planning a menu and working out details for future cleanses. Yay!

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