Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Looks like my eyes are drawing on Wes'- they're so open they are drawing his closed!

I had a BEAUTIFUL first mother's day. Thank you Chopper and Wesley. You don't know till ya know..ya know? I think I always made my mom cards, and I guess you could never expect a child to understand the velocity of what their mother does and gives, but now I would like to give my mother more. It makes me happy to have a day of honoring the work of mothers, and it makes me happy to be honored :)

Beautiful roses from a man who "doesn't buy flowers". He has told me this from day 1, seems it is something he is morally opposed to, though he does lots of other very sweet romantic things. So I knew when he gave me 2 dozen (I was told to count them), 2 DOZEN roses, he was appreciative for the care I give our boy and our family. The other beautiful bouquet in the background was from my mom.

A pancake breakfast made by Mr. Butterfield

Not just any pancake breakfast. Mango, pineapple pancakes topped with Narragansett Creamery Ricotta and peach preserves. Oh my delicious! At Wholefoods on Saturday there was a man making pancakes topped with this cheese and preserves, and luckily Chopper pays attention. Want something special? Try this.

He and Wes had lots of play time this Mother's Day.

Wes with my mom, his Nannie, playing "this little piggy"

Wes with Chop's mom, his Grammy, and his new little cousin Alex.

2 new moms (one a bit newer than the other, Alex is only 2 weeks old!), tending, caring, loving.

Dad got a gift this Mother's Day too. Someone, ahem (I had the day off!), forgot the diaper bag and so we didn't have any of Wes' teething tablets which are much needed for restful naps these days. Therefore Wes needed and wanted to sleep on us, something he hasn't done for a few months now and something Chopper misses immensely.

I hope all the moms out there got some serious props last weekend, or at least some loving time spent with their families. And of course lets not forget our Mother Earth- what can we do to show her some appreciation?


Malika said...

Glad you had a wonderful first mothers day!

Bethany said...

Sweet pictures. Sweet post. Happy Mother's day new Mom!

natalie said...

So glad that you had a great first Mother's Day Persephone. I love the photo of you & Kristen tending to your babies. Those pancakes of Chopper's look wonderful. Love you all.