Friday, May 14, 2010


Cleanse salads. Spinach, arugula, avocado, carrot, arame seaweed, canned wild salmon, quinoa, in a lemon-flax oil dressing. It was really delicious.

I wish I had pictures of Aaron's food, actually no, I wish I was eating Aaron's food...I'm starving! And I'm being dramatic. Last night we had our second meeting with the group and it seems everyone is faring pretty well. Cleansers each shared what is working for them and what isn't, and we were all able to get a little reassurance from the fact that we are in this together. I know that Aaron (and the rest of us) are happy that today is Day 5 and Day 1 is just a distant memory, but lets see how that day went for him...


Last night I took my first dose of psyllium husk, and I think I over did it a little. It’s gross and I’m feeling a little bloated. I love the unsweetened cranberry juice though, it’s wonderfully tart and astringent. Because I am mixing it with cold water, I can dilute it to different strengths depending on my mood. In the morning, I like it quite mild, just a touch with some cold water is refreshing, eye opening, and pleasant, it tastes elegant in its lightness. At night, with dinner, I think I'll make it quite strong. It has many of the same properties as red wine: it’s acidic, tannic/astringent, ruby in color and slightly weighty on the palate. I'm going to put it in a wine glass, light a candle, and wear something classy.

It’s mid morning right now and I am just finishing up my warm water with organic lemon juice, which like the cranberry juice, is much more pleasant and satisfying than I thought it was going to be. After a while you can really pick up a touch of natural sweetness and realize how balanced food is on it’s own without the need to add anything. I expected to ingest all of these things without issue, but I am surprised how much I am enjoying them so far. I think a huge part of that enjoyment is the fact that I am being mindful while doing it. Rather than just drinking or eating “anything” I truly have to think about what’s going in my mouth. I look forward to lunch. I hereby declare today “quinoa day”.

The afternoon and evening were graced by a few temptations, but nothing all that intense. The cranberry water continues to quench thirst and delight taste buds. I had two guests for dinner and they drank red wine while I poured some slightly diluted cranberry water, into a wine glass and joined them while they imbibed. Dinner tonight was a re-visitation of two ingredients that I have always held in high regard, but for some reason have neglected to include them regularly in my diet (no offense, ingredients): quinoa and broccoli raab. I dry-sautéed some fresh elephant garlic and onions in the pan first, and just the pungent smell alleviated most of my cravings for salty, meaty foods. I think the smell of garlic and onions in the pan, may very well have cured much more than food cravings, and I was quite at ease while they were sautéing. I added the quinoa, after semi-extensive research on the benefits and dangers of washing or not washing it (Wash it. The coating is its natural insect and pest repellant that, although won’t kill you, it is not nutritious and can add a bitter taste to the quinoa). I then steamed it about half way. I tossed in the broccoli raab and simmered, covered for a few minutes then let it cool to room temperature. I threw in some nutritional yeast, some ground flax and flax seed oil, three ingredients which I seem to be just blindly throwing on top of food, and I would like to really do some research to get a bit more intimate with these little gems. The spicy, firm raab tossed in with the nutty, kind of popping-crunchy quinoa and the earthy, pungent garlic and onions was savory, tasty and fulfilling. I feel full, but not heavy or sluggish, and having dinner company was helpful. Dinner table company and conversation can really transform any food or sometimes lack thereof, into something satisfying. No bacon needed. So now what? This is the time where vampire like urges start to arise, when I want to go pray on defenseless bottles of whiskey and terrorize the townsfolk with inane stories while smoking cigarettes down to the filters. I have a few choices. Choices are good. I could go play ping-pong, which is fun, athletic, and takes a good deal of focus but is dangerously close to a known APA “alcohol-purchasing area”. IE: a bar. Or I could stay at home and distract myself with silly things like books and movies.

On a side note: Quite a bit of quinoa, fruit, cranberry water, vegetables and psyllium husk have gone into this rather small stomach in the past few days and as of yet, none of it has exited. I am waiting for a serious problem, or a seriously epic bathroom session.

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