Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 5

I have been asking Aaron for the rest of his journal entries, but I fear this may be the last. I know how the story ends or how the story continues, I should say. Alas I will give him some time and hope that you can continue to enjoy his account (is this enjoyable? I think so)

DAY 5:

I hit a speed bump today. I’m not sure what happened. I was doing so well. I think I got too comfortable in the routine and let my guard down. It had been a great day prior to “the incident” and I think I managed to pull it together in the end.

The morning was business as usual. “Hello, cran-water.” “Top of the morning, psyllium husk.” And then a long hike outside, followed by a briskly paced five mile run. As I mentioned yesterday, the routine was beginning to feel more natural and effortless, and today even more so. When I first acknowledged the ease, in early afternoon, I was pleased.

It is a good thing to get used to and I figured the longer I practice this lifestyle, the more ingrained it will become and the easier it will be to maintain. I still believe this is true, but being hyper vigilant for the time being forces my mind to stay in an almost aggressive cleansing mode. Every minute and every situation has been a potential opportunity for failure. I really didn’t want to fail, but as I became more relaxed, apparently my resolve did as well.

I must of blacked out or I at least blinked. When I suddenly snapped back into reality, there was a frosty green bottle of O'douls non-alcoholic beer in my hand. As far as nutrition is concerned, I suppose I could have done much worse, but one chink in the psychological armor can be catastrophic. I admitted my guilt to Persephone via text message (I was too shamed to call) and she gave me some encouraging words and I'm convinced that I will live to fight another day.

For dinner tonight I had some old friends over: quinoa and broccoli raab. Both with garlic, onions and my (not so) new favorite seasoning, the chili pepper. I served them with a some fresh salmon that I smoke-roasted over hickory and coals, then squeezed some lemon and completely inundated all of it with a cornucopia of baby herbs from the garden. I sat outside on the deck to eat for the first time this year and it undoubtedly made everything taste better. The smokey flavor really enhances the richness and meatiness of the fish and keeps those pesky bacon cravings at bay. Even the smell of the smoke while cooking is a sensory experience that can compensate for feelings of a lack of meat. Tomorrow my ambitious task will be to create a hamburger...or something vaguely similar. Watch out, Ronald McDonald.

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natalie aubin said...

I've really enjoyed Aaron's journal posts, I think you & he should collaborate on a cleanse cookbook.