Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yoga pants are for yoga (sweet and tangy chard)

One of my more favorite questions to ask is- "Does your current diet support who you are and where you want to go?" Sometimes I worry that this may come off a little too esoteric. What the eff does she mean by that?

Well, If we are what we eat- if our food effects how we look, how we feel, and how we think... then, is your current diet supporting you in looking how you'd like (this does not only refer to weight)? Are your meals giving you the energy to accomplish your goals? Is your food providing you with positive motivating thoughts, or negative self destructive ones? Do you eat foods that support your values?

The other day I met some friends and their children at the park. One of the mom's, and fellow health counselor, showed up looking fierce. She had just returned from a consultation with a client and from her hair to her shoes she looked professional, fun, and sexy. Apparently a friend, who works as a stylist, gave her a little guidance and supported her to pass on some of her more difficult to get rid of clothing items that no longer suited her (ie:maternity clothes). Her stylist nicely suggested she stop wearing yoga pants to work and to save them for the gym. This experience seemed to have breathed new life into my friend, she looked on the outside how she felt on the inside, you can't get much more authentic than that.

This got me thinking... Does your current style support who you are and where you want to go?
I have always admired people who took the time to put themselves together in a way that reflects how they feel on the inside, the colorful, fun, funky ones. Admittedly I spend a majority of the winter in my pajamas or my "yoga clothes". I'm on Block Island, I see noone, I work from home, I get dressed when I am leaving the island or meeting with a client and that's pretty much it. Even when going for walks I just put my coat on over my slug-wear. Do I think this supports who I am and where I want to be going with my life? Nah- ah. I feel so much better the days I get dressed, and better still on the days I really get it together and dress nice. I am more motivated, feel better in my skin, and confident. What I recognize though is this takes energy, what I know is energy creates momentum and in turn creates more energy.

So with all my energy going here there and everywhere (slowly my new life is coming into focus), where do I find the time? How do I make the effort and does what I wear really effing matter? Streamline some things, simplify some others, tighten up sistah!

This, like so many other things, led me to the kitchen. It has been either chef Persephone or canned soup in the kitchen lately, seems I need to find some balance there. Perhaps you may benefit from this change as well. How about a simple series, meals with only a few ingredients that need little to no equipment (ie:blenders, food processors, etc.). This way "mommy" can get her groove back, or just find enjoyment in a multitude of things.

Starting now.

Last year I remember making swiss chard with a balsamic reduction. The reduction took about a 1/2 hour and my eyes watered from the intense vinegar vapor which took over our house. It was good, but this one is better and so much simpler!

Sweet and Tangy Chard
1 bunch of swiss chard
1/2 onion
1 inch piece fresh ginger
1 Tbl (real) maple syrup
touch of salt

chop chard
dice onion and ginger
saute chard stems with onion and ginger, add leaves, sprinkle with touch of salt while wilting
drizzle with maple syrup and toss to coat leaves

Egg salad and spinach sandwich with sweet and tangy chard.
A simple, yet delicious meal!

I make my egg salad with mustard, very little mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Chop is a connoisseur and he says its the best, even without all the mayo.

Notice Wes' bib and stripe coordination, this boy has style in any season, and how could you not give all the attention in the world to that face?


natalie aubin said...

Wes looks like he is studying that ring verrrrry intently. Thanks for the egg salad reminder, I have a bunch of eggs in the fridge that I should cook up.
love you guys

Emily said...

I suddenly feel like it is OK to go shopping this very afternoon to get me some fresh new duds for this lovely Spring weather. Thanks, P
- and of course, I will also be shopping for those yummy Spring greens.

Dulce said...

Hi Persephone: I just wanted to say hello and let you know that although you may feel that your look isn't always professional since you are also a relaxed Mommy, your website is certainly a part of your professional image and in my opinion it is great! I've been reading as a way to connect to your and your family from afar, and over the past year you've taught me lots of great recipes, cleanse tips and recently I've begun a "raw till dinner" diet, which I feel is the best thing that I've ever done for myself - energy, lightness, weight loss and detox. So keep it up sister!

Hannah said...

Love you.

persephone said...

Dulce- So nice of you to write and SO nice for me to hear! I love that raw till dinner is working for you and thanks for reminding me that it works for me too:)

It's very cool that we have somehow in small ways managed to stay in touch over the last 10 years! Crazy right? I'm glad you are well and any time you want to come back to check in on BI- let me know!!