Monday, March 8, 2010

Vacation's all I ever wanted

Where do I start?! Well lets start with HAPPY MARCH EVERYONE!!! March came rolling in with some pretty sweet weather, and I am so thankful Dread-uary took a hike once and for all. There have been so many happenings, so much food, and I have so little time (as I race against Wes' internal alarm clock)!

Our little family moved to our home on the mainland for the last week and a half (I know for some, that term probably sounds so funny-but that's what we call it). Oh happy day- friends, dinners, family, restaurants, shopping, yoga classes, home decorating, brunches...we had a great time. The week ended with my birthday on Saturday and both weekend days were sunny and warm. I am coming to terms with the fact that I think I have been vitamin D deficient all winter. I really need to stay on top of that, especially while nursing. So I pulled out my supplements, a habit I am terrible at keeping, and have started to keep better track.

It is amazing living in a seasonal place how drastic our life changes, not only from one season to the next, but sometimes from one month to the next. We left the island on February 25th, it was cold dreary and rainy, nothing was open, there was nary a peep. We arrived home here on March 7th, it was sunny and warm, the boat and town were bustling with islanders and tourists and Eli's (the best restaurant in town) was having their open house with beautiful food, wine and lots of socializing.

This is the month when the biggest shift happens on the island. Shop keepers start opening and spring cleaning, every weekend there seems to be another option for food, and people take to the streets again, jogging, walking-getting ready for the beach!! Even the fish market at the ferry landing was open, so in the spirit of the beautiful day we stopped and bought steamers and lobster. We usually treat ourselves about once a season, but rarely do we make them at home- it has something to do with the giant boiling pot of water and screaming, tail thrashing, sea insects, which tends to inhibit our lobstering. I insisted that I would do the honors, and with that Chopper agreed to the treat. It was brutal, but fortunately for everyone, over quickly. At the open house, we had indulged ourselves in oysters, house made ricotta/olive bruschetta, calamari in romanesco sauce, and desserts (the open house was unexpected, otherwise we may have passed on the lobster), so with our lobster we enjoyed a fresh pea shoot, tomato, avocado salad and called it a day.

There are living lobsters in that bag, click click clicking. Wes was ready to wrangle them.

The salad, ahhh greens! Get ready for them big time this spring, we all need a little intestinal spring cleaning!

Post boil. I couldn't bear to take pictures before or during. My chef friend Aaron told me how to do them. Bring a big pot of water to a rolling boil and add salt like the ocean (his words), say a little prayer, lower them in swiftly, 12 minutes they are done.


Madeline Rains said...

You know, I have not felt tempted to cheat on this beautiful cleanse that you have me on, not once, until this post!! If I had a lobster near me right now, I would have no problem throwing him in the pot.

I'm glad that you indulged! It bodes well for my future.

natalie aubin said...

cute pic of Wes! glad there were still pea shoots left when you got to the Farmer's Market. I had some tonight with potstickers & other greens.