Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Tent Event

The Red Tent Event

This past weekend I was privileged to be a part of a week long culmination of events celebrating V-Day. The V in V-day stands for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina. I first learned about V-day, stated to raise awareness for women's rights, about 10 years ago when I went with my mother to see Eve Ensler perform her play, The Vagina Monologues. Since then, I have gotten excited to learn whenever Eve has a new project and I feel ever connected to the message of her organization. The mission of V-Day is this:

  • V-Day is an organized response against violence toward women.
  • V-Day is a vision: We see a world where women live safely and freely.
  • V-Day is a demand: Rape, incest, battery, genital mutilation and sexual slavery must end now.V-Day is a spirit: We believe women should spend their lives creating and thriving rather than surviving or recovering from terrible atrocities.
  • V-Day is a catalyst: By raising money and consciousness, it will unify and strengthen existing anti-violence efforts. Triggering far-reaching awareness, it will lay the groundwork for new educational, protective, and legislative endeavors throughout the world.
  • V-Day is a process: We will work as long as it takes. We will not stop until the violence stops.
  • V-Day is a day. We proclaim Valentine's Day as V-Day, to celebrate women and end the violence.
  • V-Day is a fierce, wild, unstoppable movement and community. Join us!

Wow, so proud to be a part. On Sunday, there was a day long event promoted to raise money for the V-day organization, promote female entrepreneur's of small business, and provide a day of pampering for women. For $10 women could attend the event and have access to full hair, make-up, and, nail services as well as yoga, dance, and kick boxing. There were female vendors with hand made crafts, a henna tattoo artist, facials provided by aveda, massage stations, and health consultations. One of the local hospitals, sponsored women who could not afford the $10, making sure they would be able to take part in the day. It was nice to have the opportunity to work with women who otherwise would not have access to a Health Counselor. To be able to support these women find small changes which may help them live a little happier and healthier, was such a gift. There was a beautiful red tent set up with carpets, pillows, and a warm soft glow from dimly lit lamps. This was a safe space for women to share stories, speak with social workers, or just relax after taking part of all the services offered. The energy of the event was very relaxed and all the women left looking fierce and feeling good about themselves-body, mind, and spirit.

It felt so nice to be in an environment where I knew that being a working mom was not only accepted, but expected and supported. My mother joined me for the day to help with Wesley, and I was able to nurse him, play with him or tend to him whenever I needed. There was no shortage of attention for the little man, and in the afternoon Grammy Natalie stopped by for some added support and to play with Mr. Wes.

My table offered health consultations, raw food samples, recipes, and a book drawing for the book Omnivore's Dilemma. So much fun.

The recipes shared at the Red Tent have both been featured here before, the red pepper dip and raw cacao truffles. The red pepper dip was uber popular, so for all y'all that haven't tried it yet-do.

All the practitioners were encouraged to take part in the services offered. I really had my eye on the massage chairs, wanted to get a henna tattoo, felt envious of the ladies having their nails manicured, and thought a facial would be nice. In the morning, when I had all the time to take advantage, I was too anxious to get my own booth up and running, by the afternoon everyone was very busy. After I had packed up my table I took a walk around and saw that the henna artist (Henna By Heather) was still working and so I excitedly sat down for my first small henna tattoo. Earlier in the day I had seen her working on a pregnant belly, so beautiful!

My henna hand. A guy actually said, "nice tatt" to me yesterday, very exciting for simple gal with no real "tatts"

Working with my man in my hands, feels so right. (Ok you can close your mouth now Persephone)

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cray said...

Wow, what a great event, so empowering and so important for women! Thanks for sharing the experience, I wish I was able to attend :( P.S.. I love your PBHC sign!!

Madeline Rains said...

You look so beautiful there with that boy and booth sign! I'm so impressed! How did the waitressing night out go?

Hannah said...

I don't know how I missed this one. That event looked absolutely lovely and so you!!!