Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Milk milk, lemonade

Sieving sesame milk (looks like the ghost of milks future)

It has been all about milk, around these parts lately. We went through alot more milk when we ate more cereal, but since cleansing, cereal is less a part of our lives. Oddly enough, milk has become more a part. Now if you open our fridge, it seems we are collecting different types of milks all in their own unique bottles and containers. It started with the almond milk, and of course their has been a large flux of breast milk in the last few months, we regularly buy soy milk out of habit, and most recently I made sesame seed milk. Recently, I had to give myself permission to open the refrigerator and drink the almond milk out of the container. I was "saving" it, because it seemed such a precious commodity (since peeling each almond). I reminded myself that it was their to be enjoyed and would otherwise spoil. I drank it down with a few swigs, offering some to Chop's mom who was enjoying one of those deliciously naughty Hannah cookies. If she hesitated, it may have only been because of the fervor in which I pushed the bottle towards her face (I saw an amazing cookie/milk opportunity and didn't want it to be missed).

I have 1 night of work scheduled for this Friday night at Eli's (the best restaurant in town I mentioned in my last post). This is very exciting for me, and also very stressful. This stress is attributed to milk as well. I am very excited to get back out there, make a little money, work with friends, and to enjoy that camaraderie glass of wine at the end of the night. Unfortunately Wesley sees things a little differently and would like me to stay home to make sure that he is full and satisfied. He is refusing to take a bottle and frankly I am tired of trying to give him one. I love breast feeding him, and I would love for Chop to be able to feed him-but Wes has his priorities in order and has decided for us how it will go (love his steadfast determination).

I worry about how the night will go, I worry about Chopper and about Wesley. We have decided that if worse comes to worse, Chopper can drive down to town, I can run out, Wes can puff puff on the nipple, and I can run back in before any of my tables can say warm milk. I would like to avoid this plan just for professionalism's sake, but for our sanity and the health of our baby it may just be the ultimate nursing scenario.

So it seems milk milk is everywhere! We have bowls of soaking almonds, and a strainer of sesame milk, glass bottles of breast milk, 2 open cartons of soy milk (I hate it when that happens) and plastic baggies of colostrum in the freezer that we are just hoping to give Wes before the 6 month expiration. Never mind milk stains on pretty much all of my shirts and random drops in and around the bedroom and bathroom (if you've never experienced this, please forgive the visual, but it's life).

Chopper giving a patient go with a bottle (he looks tired doesn't he?)

Me and my man doing the best we can.

A milk fed hand.

OK a superfluous photo, but look at that chub, I couldn't resist.

Sesame seed milk
1 cup sesame seeds-hulls intact (otherwise known as unhulled)
1-2 cups water
agave to taste
blend and sieve in cheesecloth

Sesame milk is yummy yummy with a nuttier flavor. Thats not all...not only are sesame seeds a great source of manganese and copper, but they are also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fiber.


Hannah said...

Am so going to make sesame milk, it never occured to me. Your baby is the cutest thing ever. And Lucas did not take a bottle. At 4 months I started IIN and he survived. We gave him some mushy pears mixed with a little of my milk and that kept him happy. He will be fine. I suggest you have your night away, do not call home and that daddy will be just fine. It took me my third child before I had some time away, so proud of you for taking time for yourself.

Madeline Rains said...

I just made this. I like it. I'm trying rice next so that maybe the boys will drink it. They were not impressed by the sesame. Any ideas of what to do with the leftover sesame meal once it's strained? I put it in the compost this time.

Alicyn said...

love the puff puff on the nipple - still laughing!