Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Eggcellent Gift

We have been fortunate to have a hefty supply of beautiful farm fresh eggs supplied to us for the past month, free of charge. I can't express how wonderful this has been. A friend from the island is looking after her parent's 17 chickens while they are away for the winter and has more eggs than she can feed her family of four. This friend has even been nice enough to drop them off at our front door! It is embarrassing to admit how much we normally pay for eggs like these, and so getting 2 dozen a week dropped off at our doorstep, for nothing, has been incredible (edible egg).

These eggs have given me a sense of freedom in the kitchen, at least in the egg department. Usually, because we do pay so much for healthy eggs from healthy chickens that roam the outdoors, I tend to be a little stingy with my egg dishes. One egg in the morning over rice and tortilla is a staple. If I were to bake or make a larger egg dish, like oh say ..a quiche or frittata, chances are I would get the less expensive of the "free range" eggs available. This would mean "cage free" or "free range" eggs from chickens that are kept in a barn with the door open- not ideal, but still a better alternative (if you want a run down of all the egg terminology and what it all means-shoot me an email). So instead of having to separate out our good eggs from our better ones, we have been able to bake, make quiche, and hard boil to our hearts desire.

This morning as I was about to make breakfast, I remembered a conversation with a cleanse client. This woman had come off cleansing the day before, and I was still cleansing as I had started a little later. She described her breakfast to me, and at the time it sounded so simple yet so delicious (especially because I hadn't been eating any of the ingredients in the breakfast for over a week). She had made herself a 2 egg omelette with spinach, goat cheese, and sundried tomatoes. This is a woman who has a 2 year old son and normally would not have taken the time to make herself breakfast, but rather would have grabbed something on the run. The cleanse had taught her to slow down a little and pay more attention to what she was eating, and she was happy to talk about the food and how it made her feel. It was a true food-mood connection she was able to make, and although I was jealous as hell that she was eating something so yummy, I was so happy to hear about her new mindset on taking care of herself. How we start the day is usually how we carry it out.

So this morning, because I am not cleansing and because I had goat cheese in the fridge (been keeping it the only dairy for the time being), I made a similar omelette or as the Thai would say, "same same but different" omelette. It was nice to be able to picture this breakfast as a gift to myself, as I know, that is how my cleanse client viewed her breakfast that morning.


natalieaubin said...

looks yummy

Kate said...

Frittata, frittata, frittata!!! Jordan and I are suddenly crazy about them. It is very true what you said though, when I used to only have a few fresh eggs I only used them for over easy so I could enjoy the delicious yolk that way. Now with more eggs then I need we can have them all different ways! Glad you are enjoying them...I have lots more for you. Are you gone for the weekend?

natalie aubin said...

Persephone, I just found a recipe online for deviled eggs made with mashed avocado for the filling instead of the egg yolk, sounds right up your alley.