Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dread-uary (link to AWESOME cookies and huevos rancheros)

It is February. Chopper refers to this month as dread-uary. The first year we were together, after a romantic summer and fall, followed by fun filled first holidays and Chopper's birthday celebration, our relationship seemed to take this sad turn. I worried things were fizzling. Then March came, the sun came out, the wind died down, and our hearts thawed.

The other night I asked Chop to help me come up with 10 things we love about February, I thought we could both use the shift in attitude. This is what we came up with over dinner, while bouncing Wes around the living room.

10 Things WE love about February
1. March is coming
2. It is the end of winter
3. Persephone's birthday is getting closer
(March 6th-this was one of Chopper's)
4. Makes us appreciate spring
5. Shortest month
6. Valentine's Day (a little color and warmth)
7. Inexpensive organic oranges (99 cents a lb!)
8. The occasional windless day
9. The Winter Farmer's Market
10. Tea, Smartwool socks, Wes' car seat sleeping bag

I have to admit the list is a bit redundant and lacking much richness- much like February.
OK the list is weak. If the best bits about a month have to do with the month ending, that probably isn't worth listing. I think what I love most about February is the blank canvas of it all-the room for possibility.

Last night, as I sat up with Wes for his 3 am feeding, my mind was keeping up with my body. What do I love about February? Perhaps I need to narrow it down. What do I love about this February? All the others are past and it is important to leave room for growth, I could easily stay in the I hate Dread-uary club but then I would never Love it, ever.

10 Things I Love about February 2010
1. These cookies

Oh my, they are nice. I think my favorite part about them besides the chocolate/peanut butter combination is that Hannah has named them Protein Cookies-so go ahead have a few (find the recipe here-so easy and yummy!!).
2. Mama-baby Yoga
We just started going and Wesley (and I) L-O-V-E love it! A room full of gooing babies and aching mama's. Take time to nurse if you need to, babies laugh, babies cry, mom gets to stretch while caring for babe, the best (and I get to leave the island for it-woo woo big city)
3. Our House
So warm and cozy. When we are there we are surrounded by our life, our memories, our energy. Our home cannot be beat (for us of course).
4. California and Georgia(!) farmer's
I would prefer to get all my produce and well-everything from as close as possible, but when you cannot. Chard from California can make a meal in February.
5. Maine Shrimp
local, wild, small, and sweet
6. 3 boat Thursdays
never have we felt such freedom
7. Valentine's Day

Modern sweethearts.

More than I enjoy celebrating it, I love watching others celebrate. I used to love in SF watching men in suits carrying roses or balloons. This past Saturday, I loved seeing the line out the door at Wholefoods- men, mouths somewhat agape (I think it was disbelief at the line), waiting to purchase flowers. Or the odd teenage boy choosing between roses and gerber daisy's. And seeing women, dressed so nice, being appreciated.
8. My green hat

When a splash of color is needed

Huevos Rancheros

This month I have regularly been indulging myself.
  • Local corn tortillas (bought at winter farmer's market-see list 1)
  • Local cheese (bought at winter farmer's market-Narragansett Creamery)
  • 1 Local egg (bought at winter farmer's market)
  • Avocado (thank you Florida farmers!)
  • Brown rice
  • Hot sauce
10. Hand me downs
My friend Rosemary has a boy (Zane is his name and so cute!) who was born in February of last year (another reason to love February), so it just happens to work out age wise, size wise and season wise-she has given us some really great things. It totally works for us two fold, we are able to provide Wes with some really fun stuff and we are recycling!

Warning: Shameless photos of my guy

Hand me down bouncy play thing. The first few times we put him it took him about 2 minutes to burst into tears. I didn't take pictures. Here he is testing the water.

Checking out the local flavor.

Boy verses frog

Getting acquainted

Bouncy time=fun time

February doesn't look so dreadful when you have a face like that to share it with.


Emily said...

What I like about February is the fact that I can eat these cookies to my heart's galore because the threat of my bikini clad beach body is still in the distant future,...right?

Bethany said...

Oh, I LOVE this post Persephone. It cheered me. I agree, good to look at THIS Feb. I mean, wow, this Feb you have a baby! That must make it quite amazingly different from any Feb ever. Love both your lists. And your recipes.
If I sell my house can I move near you and trade babysitting for your homecooked meals? Or is everyone just fighting already to spend time with that beautiful boy of yours.
What is 3 boat Thursdays?
Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. Made my day.

Madeline Rains said...

I love that you guys have that boy, this February. sigh. And I am jealous that you get lobster. Savor it.

persephone said...

Em- eat lots of cookies!! unless you want to show some restraint, something I have not been able to do.

Bethany- I think you should move to BI! I will cook for you and you can hold Wes any time. There are 3 boats on Thursdays, in the winter that is a big deal.

Maddie-Unfortunately it is Maine shrimp, I think you willfully saw lobster. Lobster would be nice, though it isn't 4.99 a lb :)

Madeline Rains said...

HOw funny! I totally did see lobster. I would have put money on it!

I am getting a kick out of how much you love that Thursday boat schedule. :) Island life. Nicolas met your BI farmers at the organic conference here the other night. THey will have to be the farmers in my BI bee book.

natalieaubin said...

thanks for putting up the link to those cookies, you made them the week I was visiting -- they certainly were delicious. Great post, and I am always glad to see pictures of my pumpkin.