Thursday, January 7, 2010

Step 1 -we can have lots of fun (chard and tomato sauce)

I'm staying with step 1 for a little bit here, the greens. All day I have blog ideas running through my head (this weeks it has been greens and how they relate to my life), oh sure it may seem like my posts are stream of conscious writing with no real point, but no. I actually think about what I may want to write about and then when it comes down to it I end up with an abbreviated version, whatever I have time for.

Step 1 (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the previous post) is on-going, the greens stay in the diet as best as we are able. Step 2 and step 1 are coinciding, but I want to really push the greens issue first.

So now that I'm a mom I understand what all the women who have children have been talking about all these years (and I only have one, and he's really small). There is a serious lack of "me time", and if you want to create "me time" some other "-time" gets robbed. Will I take from my work time, my shower time, my meal time, my sleep time? When I make suggestions to these moms, like eat more greens, try new foods, if they aren't used to spending time in the kitchen that can be alot to ask. They would have to steal from another "-time" to be able to do this, and is kale really all that appealing? (according to Kathy it is, thanks Kathy, I love the name of your blog by the way). The deal is it can be simple, and it doesn't have to take alot of time. Greens cook in minutes, but they are also usually thought of as a side dish, so coming up with the rest of the meal can be tough. Whatever the challenge, this I believe is manageable. Get out a jar of tomato sauce (look for one without added sugar, they are hard to find). Chop, destem and steam your greens adding a little sea salt and garlic powder, then dump the jar over it. Have this over brown rice pasta or better yet, brown rice. You can add chicken or whatever protein you'd like, but the greens and the brown rice both have protein, just perhaps not the amount you may be used to at dinner time.

I did this last night with chard. It had gotten really late and I was not feeling like making dinner. Fortunately or unfortunately take-out is not so abundant on the island. You can get it, but it'll cost you and probably won't be so hot for the after holiday shedding plan. So here it is:

Doesn't this look delicious and nutritious?

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