Sunday, January 10, 2010

Attachment Carroting (green smoothie)

I've said it before...when you buy carrots, buy them with the greens attached. You may pay just a little more, but you are getting more bang for your buck, especially if you then cook or use these greens. They are great in salad, adding a nice sweet flavor, or they are my favorite for smoothies. Because they are already a little sweet they don't alter the flavor of the smoothie too much.

Today, because I thought you may have missed my blender, or actually because I missed my blender, I made a carrot top smoothie (not the actor slash comedian, cuz that would be gross). I had actually bought the green topped carrots to inspire a blender use. This is something else you can do if you're like me and you can't stand food going bad, buy whatever it is you are thinking about trying and be inspired.

So here's my smoothie on deck. In the blender is plain yogurt, an orange, coconut water, frozen pineapple, carrot greens, flax oil, and hemp seed powder. You can see little Wesley in the swing. I talk to him the whole time, kind of like he's watching a cooking show. I can only hope he is learning something.

Before I was pregnant I would hear friends with kids reference "attachment parenting", I had no idea what they were talking about, but whatever they were saying seemed to make sense to me at the time. I was getting the idea that whenever I decided to have a child, "attachment parenting", seemed like a good way to raise said child. While I was pregnant I googled "attachment parenting" and started to read the principles associated with the parenting model, and they all sounded good to me. AP is based on 8 principles, which help give me a base or a guideline that I can go back to when I am confused about the best way to handle a situation with Wesley. I like to call it "intuitive parenting". Anyway some people who follow this model, feel pretty strongly that swings, pacifiers, and strollers are not the best tools for raising a baby and put too much distance between the parent and child. Some AP-ers accept that there can be a balance with the use of these tools. Of course because of this controversy in the AP world, when I first put Wes in the swing I instantly felt like a bad mama, I was not doing best by my baby. He should be on me, close to me, being held by me. At this time I had not quite figured out how to maneuver with a baby carrier on and he was still so small, so I held him in my arms pretty much 24/7. I used the swing only to take a shower or go to the bathroom. As he's gotten bigger, and I can use the carriers with a little more ease, I use the swing less and less, except that now I find that he is looking for some free time to move around. He's saying "mama put me down already!" So for not only me, but baby as well, it is all about balance. I learned this lesson last week again, when I had to go to the mall of all places to return multiple Christmas gifts. There I was with 2 heavy bags, my coat, his diaper bag, and instead of the stroller I decided to carry him too. I didn't want him to have to go from car seat to stroller to car seat again, but instead of a 15 minute mall trip as it could have been with wheels, we ended up being in the building for 2 hours (which was way worse for both of us). It IS all about balance. I write this now, I think partly to pass it on, partly to forgive myself, and partly to defend myself against any tisk tisking I may subject myself to (just being honest, I still care what the "pro-attachment parenters" think!).

So there you have it folks. In a nutshell, greens are good for you and I am nuts.


Hannah said...

And next time you need to go to the mall you drop him off with me. Nuts!

hiking-rhode-island said...

smoothie sounds good. I think you are doing a wonderful job & it is all about balance, which can get thrown off if you have a baby attached to you 24/7.

cray said...

mmm this smoothie looks delicious, I'll try it soon! And I agree with Natalie - balance is essential, every parent is different in how they raise their child, and never beat yourself over things when you know you are doing the best you can!! From what I've seen , you're an awesome Mom, and I am inspired by you :)

Stacie said...

Well said! It is unfortunate that we need to categorize "styles" of parenting in the first place. While I understand and have practiced attachment parenting (though I didn't know it at the time)it sets us up for mommy-guilt, I think, when we stray from said principles. Like you said, balance is key.