Friday, September 18, 2009

All blown up

We are having our baby at home. Both of our mothers are going to be present as well as our midwife and her assistant. We are very happy about our decision to have a home-birth, and both feel that this is what is best for us and our new family. So with this decision comes some preparation, starting with a birth tub. I do plan on having a water birth, though I am not completely married to the idea, the hot water tub will be there to ease some pain and if that is where I am when I actually give birth than great...but my plan is to have no plan. And if you haven't noticed our birth tub is little more than a blow up pool, though one that is tried and true in use for having babies. Chop had a grand old time blowing this up, and we were both glad he got to do it before I actually went into labor. So our birth room is now all set up and looking quite warm and welcoming. We are eager to use it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WWPD? (eating potluck style)

Good food, friends, and gosh(!) a gorgeous view! My last week on the island was beautiful and included lots of fun activity. On labor day, friends of ours, had a mini potluck in the middle of the day. They were heading home to the mainland on the 5:00 boat, ready for another year of teaching, and I was heading to my last night of work, before I took my own leave for a different kind of job.

It was a perfect day and the setting was oh so relaxing. These friends have spent the whole summer living on a nature preserve on the island. You have to either hike or boat out to their little oasis and once you've made the trek, boy is it worth it!

Corn and black bean salsa, with fresh tomato, cilantro, avocado salt and pepper, and the hand of an obvious artist.

Tofu squewers with pineapple and cherry tomatos, brushed in a spicy marinade, these were then grilled on the hibachi. Little things top grilled pineapple.

Unbelievable bruschetta, everything fresh from the garden. Homemade pesto, cherry tomato, and avocado.

The grand spread, including but not limited to hard boiled local farm eggs, and a beet gazpacho.

All of these meals were simple and yet so delicious. I like the idea of eating potluck style at home. Of course this means you have to make all the food yourself, but sometimes it is easier to throw together a meal which has no rhyme or reason than planning and matching flavors just so. There is nothing wrong with a dinner of mismatched flavors that is quick and simple to prepare. Leftover thai with salad and burritos? Sure thing. Who's complaining? Just think, WWPD? What would potluck do?