Saturday, September 12, 2009

I hold these truths to be self evident...

What's with this picture? I'm not sure why I chose it...perhaps it reminds me of a goofier time. Actually I am certain that is why, now that I think about it. I know that with a child comes many more goofy times ahead, just right now everything feels so serious.

Because my kitchen is in shambles. Because my back aches when I stand too long. Because I want food when I want it and I want it now. I have been cooking less, and in turn eating less healthy, and so with that confession I thought there could be more to follow. It took me about 45 minutes to make a simple green salad with tomato. When I was finally finished and clearing our messy table to eat, Chopper asked if there was a magic ingredient like "unicorn blood" that I may have needed to finish the meal (he isn't always so snide, and he was actually very busy moving, cleaning, and unpacking as well). So with this I digress. Simple salads, toast with avocado, and yogurt with fruit for breakfast...this is what I have to share with you. I hope you enjoy.

10 more savory Confessions as suggested be written by Julie Persons on her blog.

1. I pride myself on being an adventurous person, but this can be work for me at times. When I am being my most adventurous it is not without effort.

2. Sometimes I reach a point when eating vegetables that they start to make me nauseous, I'll be cruising through, loving them and all of a sudden yuck. I can never tell if it is mental reaction, but I think it may be.

3. Because of my occasional nausea/vegetable eating experiences, I understand sometimes why people have a hard time eating healthy and would rather eat a burger. I think it is the weightlessness that scares us (me) and may turn our (my) stomach(s).

4. I am scared of how my heart is going to open when I have my baby. I am not a gusher and don't intend on becoming one, but what if I can't help it? At the same time- how freeing.

5. I wore lots of make up in high school and after high school would work hard to match my eye shadow and nail polish to my outfits.

6. When I look at fashion magazines (by accident) I am amazed of how calculated they truly are. I usually get done with a session and I'm ready for a facial and to buy the $100 jeans that I deserve. Those persuasions are strong and I pray for the women that are under the spell, every one of us.

7. I worry (sometimes, and in the most rational ways possible) about not being the baby anymore when I have my baby.

8. I love that Chopper has a zero tolerance for drama, it keeps me in check.

9. I love that we still have a roommate and our transient island life, while on the mainland we have a house and do things like pick out paint colors and dishes. It is a balance that works for me. The undomesticated domesticate. Hearing myself say, "we bought a dining room table today" totally grosses me out, I have such judgments of it- yet love my dining room table.

10. There is a hidden perfectionist underneath the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor and my dusty dashboard. Although I can't quite pinpoint when she arises. Sometimes its a salad dressing, sometimes a painting, but she's there, she's critical and if I'm not careful she can leave me feeling very unsatisfied.

11. I worry that posting the last 10 "confessions" is far too indulgent and self involved, somehow posting "this" as #11 makes it less so.