Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuna Nicoise

Its been 3 weeks, holy moly! I'd like to say that I have been slaving away and stock piling recipes, though that just wouldn't be true. Our food has been simple. Our meals swift. Our lives focused elsewhere.

Last weekend we continued to work at unpacking, cleaning, and preparing our house. I was lucky to spend the day with both g-mama's (they are just too young to be gramma's just yet), as they were kind enough to help me get some stuff done. Natalie took a break from cleaning to make us lunch and came back with the most beautiful and delicious salad. She is a great cook and has a new food blog as well! Natalie's blog focuses on locally grown and produced food, with beautiful pictures (a good photographer too) and delicious recipes.

When we got back to the island I was craving more of that colorful salad. Natalie's salad's color came from purple potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, and a few other veggies. I didn't have the purple potatoes, but I did have some purple cabbage, so that became the new base of the dish. I believe traditionally Tuna Nicoise Salad has tuna (obviously), potatoes, hard boiled egg, and green beans, so these were added, (happily-what a great combination), and then for the color, nutritional factor, texture and flavor I added, carrot shavings, red onion, snap peas, radishes, and tomatoes. What do you have in your fridge? You can always do the traditional niciose over lettuce, baby spinach, or arugula as well. The best trick for this dish is to buy the tuna which is canned in Olive oil, that way instead of draining the tuna you just dump the whole thing in and the oil will spread the flavor throughout the salad. You can also boil your egg and potatoes together (just fish the eggs out after 10 minutes) and then flash blanch any veggies you'd like to soften in the last minute of the potatoes cooking (my green beans were frozen so this is how I did those).

Olive oil, salt, pepper, and mustard (sweet and spicy) is the dressing. Add as much of these as you'd like to acquire your desired flavor. This salad is cool and crunchy, just what we need!