Thursday, July 23, 2009


For the past 6 months Chop and I have been through the very stressful procedure of trying to buy a foreclosed house. Well this Monday, at approximately 1:00 pm, the stars aligned and we closed on our new home!! The process was painful (and expensive) to say the least, but we got a great deal on a good house in an awesome area, and we are both very happy.

We first found the house in January, saw the for sale sign and took a walk around the property. At that time we peered in the few windows that we had access to. The only room I had been able to get a good look at was the kitchen. A sage green with new cabinets, a tile floor, a porcelain two bay sink, and a door to the backyard. I new there was something special here and started right away with my visualizations (if you build it they will come). I had just found out I was pregnant, and new I wanted a home birth, because this was the only part of the house I had seen, I continuously envisioned myself giving birth in the kitchen. Now that it is ours, I will probably opt for a different birthing room, but the memory of that visual will stay with me. We had our offer in for about a month before I had the opportunity to see the rest of the house. Now I know I can buy house, on kitchen alone.

I am excited to post pictures for everyone to see. I forgot my camera the last time we were over there, but Chop and his family will be working there this weekend, while I am on the island working. I will send the camera with him, he takes a mean shot!