Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feeling full

I hung laundry today, December 3rd, barefoot. The grass was green and soft and felt really nice.

Wesley watched, and laughed as the clothes blew over his head, he loves to be outside.

This fed me more than any pot pie or pint of ice cream possibly could.

Wes felt the same way.


Kirsten Lindquist said...

Hi, I'm Kirsten, Emily Lindquist's sister and she told me about your blog. I love hanging laundry! lovely pics, you and the family are beautiful!

Bethany said...

Wasn't this day amazing? Lucky you hanging laundry with your new baby. What a face! You must be so in love. Great post.

Malika said...

Giggly toothless grins are yummy!

hiking-rhode-island said...

I love the photo of your barefeet against the green green grass. And Wes looks very happy to be outside helping you with your laundry.