Friday, September 4, 2009

BaBy FAQ's

Last weekend was our much anticipated, very big, baby shower (Baby Brown Butterfield's Pre-Welcoming Party). It seemed like fun was had by all, although I have to admit I feel like I missed most of it, due to the whirlwind factor. Above is a sign I made to answer everyone's pressing questions, and still be able to talk with people about other perhaps, how are they doing?!

There were old friends. Heather (on the left) and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this year..she is my oldest and best friend. Linsday (right) and I have been friends for a long time as well, high school...long time, although we all still look like we could be heading to Algebra class after the party (right?).

Chop had some H.S. buddies there too.

There was lots of great food. My mother had asked everyone to bring their favorite salad or dessert. There were many beautiful salads, and all were so different! I made the nicoise recipe from a few posts ago. I have requested a few recipes so that I may share them here.

My Uncle Andy, a BBQ champion (and I'm not using that term lightly, he really is...he travels all around the US to enter and win BBQ tournaments under the guise The Bastey Boys). Had the smoker and grill going all day, serving up Smoked Salmon (really amazing) in a dill mayo sauce and Smoked/Grilled whole chickens.

The table cloths were kid friendly, providing lots of entertainment and beautiful art centerpieces by the little ones.

Bubble blowing, now that I am looking at these photos, I'm thinking this was a pretty fantastic party. More like a fair or festival than a baby shower!

Beautiful gifts! We received so many great things. Handmade to hand me downs, we felt blessed with the abundance!

A green party, all 60 people ate off of compost able plates with silverware and cloth napkins. We had 4 separate garbage cans to keep recycling and composting easy and everyone obliged our wishes and really took their time to see where exactly each piece of "trash" should go. No easy feat with such a big group. It was great to see everyone pitching in, and pitch in they did!

All photo's courtesy of Natalie Aubin.

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