Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watermelon Juice

About 10 years ago (oh my goodness) I spent 3 months in Costa Rica, living and traveling. At most little restaurant places they had watermelon and melon juice on the menu. They did not have juicers and so I was always very confused (being the American I am) as to how they "juiced" the melon. Did they press it or squeeze it somehow? Finally at one little, plastic chair and table in the kitchen type place, I witnessed the making of the melon juice. They used a blender and added water and lots of wonder it tasted so damn good, and here I thought it was the fresh ripe fruits of Central America that offered the sweet flavor.

Making melon juice is not something that I have done too often since my experience in Costa Rica. I would rather eat the melon than dirty the blender. But since becoming pregnant and experiencing pregnancy in the muggy hot summer I will take melon in any form I can get it. Drink it? for sure. Blending the melon or watermelon allows me to get in a lot more of the cooling sweet food, and I attribute it to moistening the skin, preventing stretch marks, and preventing swelling. Sure these are pregnancy symptoms, but we could all benefit. Also I know most people save watermelon for cookouts and parties, because they are so big and hard to eat for 1-2 people. Now you can buy a watermelon and know that you'll use for that other half.

Pitcher of Melon Juice
1/2 watermelon or 1 melon
1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of agave (optional) or 1 cup of lemonade or white grape juice (no sugar added)
Blend and Enjoy!

Salsa Kitty looks hot.

Cool down Salsa

And speaking of watermelon....

1 Month to go!

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Thanks for the awesome sounding recipe!!!! And the humor in today's blog is beyond compare. LMAO