Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moment of Zen (ice cream substitute)

And now a moment of zen. Or a moment of pregnant lady, didn't know I was being video taped, embarrassing in retrospect, weakness. I think it is difficult for us all, to hear our voices recorded, see video of ourselves, or for some, pictures are painful. I don't mind any of these mediums, but can't help but cringe, at times. A good example of this is when I, without hesitation, grab the container of the blender and drink right from it, ignoring the question that was asked of me, too preoccupied with my treat.

I choose to share this with all of you because, well, you have to laugh at yourself. And I think it is comforting to see other's do, what if you were caught on videotape doing, may bring mortification to yourself. See, we all get caught in moments of piggy-ness, or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or lose ourselves, if only for a moment in our obsessions (whatever they may be.)

What was in the blender? Well I wanted ice cream, and so I created a substitute. It was delicious and didn't make me feel nearly as awful as ice cream would have. Actually it didn't make me feel awful in the least.

5 fresh peaches (pitted)
5 fresh strawberries (greens intact)
1 cup yogurt (not cleanse friendly, in case your wondering-you could use an avocado, which would be great!)
12 ice cubes
4 T agave nectar (not cleanse friendly, you could use your stevia :)


Emily said...

NICE!! You are so funny, and you are looking so great!!

hiking-rhode-island said...

I think it was a very sweet honest shot of you in a conversation with Chopper. Honest because you were totally yourself and your enjoyment at your treat was unquestionable.
hugs & kisses to all 3 of you.

Madeline said...

Nicolas and I enjoyed it thoroughly. You are so adorable with that silhouette of your belly showing. Eat lots of fats! No more cleansing. My sister was way bigger by now, though she wasn't Huuuuge at the end like I was, so we all pop at different times. She is a new reader here. I'm dying for you two to meet.

I think I'm buying a Blendtec this week, inspired by you.

Persephone said...

Hi Madeline (and Nicolas!),

Don't worry no more cleansing for me, Chop has me protein and fatting it up (he's me coach).

I say research, but you may want to go vita-mix ;)

Malika said...

I love your belly!