Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diet for Dogs

I had my sweet dog Lu, with me last week. Lucious is my first born, beautiful boy, whom came into my life during a previous relationship. He lives with his father most of the time, but I take him for quality time blasts, throughout the year. Lu is turning 10 this year on September 21st (my due date coincidently), and we have been looking into Holistic Vets to take him to, for an "old man" check up.

In our search we came across a vet who focuses on diet and food based supplements as the cure for many dog afflictions. Reading over her information, I realized how much sense this made, and I almost felt a little silly for not recognizing the link before this. It makes sense for humans, certainly makes sense for cows, and of course it would make sense for our domesticated animal friends.

Lucious has had chronic ear infections since he was a puppy. We always thought it was because he had big beagle ears that held moisture. In the last few years he has started to break out in chronic skin rashes, as one goes away, another will arise. Again, we weren't sure what to attribute this to, and although we would treat it topically, we knew somehow it was an internal condition. If it was a child who had chronic skin ailments we would look to food first, but for some reason both Dan and I (both Health Counselors) overlooked this for our pup.

Dry dog food is esentially cereal for dogs, highly processed, grain based, dry (no water content) food that has been heated to such high temperatures that any nutritional value before processed is now stripped. Dogs are carnivores and therefore need to eat meat, ideally raw meat (though there is controversy there as well). Their systems are not designed to digest grain and therefore "hot spots", ear infections, and skin rashes are all too common. This was music to Lu's ears, to learn that there was a solution and our poor pup could stop suffering. Dan will now be making all of his food. He will get mixed organ meats, green vegetables, and meat scraps with bone powder, fish oil, and sea vegetables, to make mineral and nutrient rich meals to heal our dog and keep him happy in his old age. This experience has opened my eyes. This, another way our modern conveniences has taken just a little bit of "something" from our lives, and our poor animals lives.


Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, no wonder you're in love. What a gorgeous, sweet and soulful boy. I hope he starts feeling better soon. Here's to many more years with him.

Madeline said...

Oh Luscious! I knew you when! His ear and other ailments just come from the fact that you found him in a walmart parking lot. :0)

I have been looking to change Tuki's diet. She is healthy but I the same age as Luscious. Can you show us the whole recipe? Or send a link?

And to further crowd your comments section - I love my Blendtec!! I love my Greens book! A lot is going to change around here and I'm going to have so much energy that the boys are going to hide from me, and be beaten in Dance Dance revolution. Thank you!

hiking-rhode-island said...

He looks so sweet!

JG said...

hey persephone -- thanks for writing this. out dog, heta, has really hip dysplasia (arthritis) in her back legs and has not been able to move very well as is the case with growing old. we know that sea cucumber and certain minerals found in crab and lobsters shells are good for her (she intuitively tries to chomp on these when we go to the beach and we used to try and stop her until we realized that she was lacking/craving certain minerals her body needed. Is there any book you would recommend or a recipe i could start making for her. not necessary one that would be applicable to the arthritis but one for a better larger diet? thanks again. hope you are doing well and i hope your baby comes on sep 20!! (me and wild bill's bday!) (although the 21st is good too, thats judy's!)yeah for virgo-libra cuspers!!

persephone said...

Hi Ladies,

As soon as we have a recipe and routine worked out I will post them. I have to talk with Dan and see what he has come up with, should be exciting!