Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chocolate (chocolate truffles)

Ok, this could either look really disgusting or really delicious. I'm going to assume delicious and continue. This is amazing, raw, vegan, no sugar added, fudge and I'm not sh*#%en you. Not only is it delicious, satisfying to the chocolate lover and fruit sweetened, but it is also an easy 3 ingredient recipe. You ready for it?

1. 1/3-1/2 cup Cacao- I'd suggest if you are going to make this, to splurge on the Raw Cacao. You could use cocoa powder, especially if you have some with your baking ingredients that you'll never get through otherwise, BUT...raw cacao (found in most natural grocery stores or in my sidebar) has all the antioxidant benefits of the amazing chocolate bean, has a rich smooth flavor, and is the power of chocolate as nature intended (it is a miracle super food you realize, hence the obsession).

2. 1 cup Dates- you can use medjool dates, make sure to pit them and then soak them for a few hours at room temperature. Or you can use date pieces, I still soak these, but only for about 10 minutes and then strain them in a fine mesh strainer.

3. 1 cup raw almond butter (no salt added). Again you can use non-raw almond butter, but to get all the Vitamin E, and protein from the almonds go with the raw.

Thats it!
  • First blend/food process the dates, till they are as smooth as you think you can get them.
  • Add almond butter and blend again.
  • Add cacao and just mix in a little before turning on the food processor (just to avoid a cocoa explosion)
You can add some fun stuff to these as well, to play around with the flavor. 1 tsp of vanilla, 1 tsp of soy sauce (yes soy sauce) or 1 T of melted coconut oil. All of these add a nice depth of flavor, but they aren't neccesary. And for every liquid you add in, add another T of cacao.

Refridgerate for an hour

Roll small balls and then toss them in a bowl with cocoa powder, dried coconut flakes, almond meal, or cinnamon till coated (each making pretty little truffles, and adding hints of different flavor). Lay on wax paper in fridge for a few hours till chilled. They will firm up.

By having these on hand you can avert any near chocolate disasters. Victoria Moran, who is an inspirational speaker, and someone I was fortunate to see speak says, "Chocolate is like a sexual experience. It can be the most sensual, and delicious experience like making love or it can be a disgusting violation like rape." The chocolate you get at the gas station or in line at the grocery store is the latter, I must say, this fudge is truly an expression of love.

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