Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunshine and Asparagus (aspargus-escarole pizza)

Asparagus, Escarole Pizza-The whole wheat thin crust is from Olga's bakery in Providence (they sell to Wholefoods) you can also find their baked goods at the Winter Farmer's Market.

I am excited for sunshine and asparagus. The sun is shining today and I've felt my shoulders relax a little. While the asparagus starts to grow, in a little while I suppose. I can get my hands on asparagus now, and I have, but I feel like a cheat. California asparagus has to travel 3000 miles to make it to my plate, and believe it or not, I feel less of a connection to it. Something has happened (to me and my brain) as I've grown to understand and appreciate where my food is grown. A lot of it has to do with taste, plain and simple. To be so fortunate to have eaten greens right from the farm, or as most of us have, a tomato out of the garden, we understand there is a difference. It is just not always easy to explain the difference, you have to experience it.

I encourage anyone out there who, during a New England summer, relies on the grocery store for their produce, to try out a farmer's market at least once and, buy lots of stuff. In the beginning of my FM experiences I would go and look but rarely buy. I'll admit I was a little intimidated to step up to the farmer, it was so personal! Someone would ask if I'd like to try something and I'd quickly shake my head "no" afraid that they'd (god forbid) talk to me again. How long I kept myself from enjoying and experiencing the connection between food, my mood, and the connection it gifts us with other people. So I encourage you to, go, try, taste, feel, smell, connect, and bring home the goodness!


Malika said...

Persephone! Thank god for your blog! Em sent me the link the other day and now I check it everyday. I was running out creative ways to eat more greens've inspired me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm making that pizza tonight.

natalie said...

In just a few more weeks we'll be able to get local asparagus, I'm counting the days! I think it was available at the Winter Farmer's Market by April 27th last year.

persephone said...

Yay and Yay!!

Malika! So glad you are liking it. Just got my labs back and my Iron levels are "above average"...not bad for a vegetarian!! I attribute it to the greens.

Natalie, April 27th!? That seems almost bearable. Awesome!!