Monday, April 20, 2009


I was a lucky Health Counselor this past weekend. I was invited by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC to come and enjoy a lecture given by two renowned doctors. Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. David Katz are both medical doctors with an integrative mindset. They understand and promote the importance of nutrition as preventative medicine. Did you know that in medical school, students get less than 1 full semester of nutrition classes? Out of 9 years of schooling!? So they are given practically zero information to link illness to what you put in your body. It is no wonder that people in our country are sick and getting sicker. They can identify a problem and prescribe a medication to treat the problem (very important) but are not given the tools or time (so busy!) to determine and heal the cause of the illness.

Anyway, this is a good reminder of how important it is for us to be proactive in our own health and to fill our lives with self care. Who wants medical bills? More importantly who wants to feel sick?

I am happy to be home, NY is flippin great but so very different than BI. On the ride home yesterday, my friend Ali and I stopped for Thai food after getting off the train. The restaurant was empty and they had soft thai music playing. There was so much room physically and mentally, we both felt ourselves decompress (literally, my head and whole body just relaxed) as we sat down and had a glass of water. It was amazing to feel the difference, and again nice to remember how we all need a little space.I wanted to put contrasting pictures here. One of the busy New York streets, maybe 5th Avenue or Times Square, and then a picture of the daffodils on BI. Looking at the pictures I actually took, turns out I had flowers and sunsets, none of the NY street vendors, billboards, colorful people, or bustling streets . Though in my opinion, it is the flowers and sunsets that bring the magic. With the backdrop of a place like Times Square, there is so much stillness in a budding tree, it makes it real special.

Wide open space. No buildings in this backdrop.


Bethany said...

Lovely. Glad you had a fun, informative trip. I love how you discovered all the photos you took were of things that make you happy. More BI pics pretty please!!!!!!

Madeline said...

These pictures are beautiful!