Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carrot Top Smoothies

Somebody hasn't had his green smoothie yet this morning.

Footloose and fancy free suggestion of the day: When you buy carrots or beets, purchase them with the greens intact, they are usually sold by the bunch and this way you definitely get more bang for your buck. Its like 2 products for the price of 1! Buying smaller bunches of carrots (as apposed to the giant bags) ensures freshness. Carrots do last a while, but enzymes die off every day. . .sad I know. You can add these greens to salads, stir fries, juices or smoothies.

Amazing blender or no amazing blender, I believe this is something anyone can do with a blender that is not rinky dink. I would suggest using just a bit more liquid and adding it as needed if you are using a standard blender.

Carrot Top Smoothie (not the comedien cuz that would be disgusting):
  • Banana-fiber, Vit. C, magnesium, Vit B6 and potassium
  • Strawberries with the greens attached-Vit, vitamin K, manganese, folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and omega-3's
  • Frozen pineapple-calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C
  • Frozen mango-rich in antioxidants, high in iron, Vit.A, E and selenium (prevents heart disease)
  • Cucumber-cooling, reduces water retention, great for skin
  • Whole boatload of carrot greens-blood purifying, promotes healthy lung function
  • Flax oil-Omega 3's- reduces inflammation in the body and is great for the brain
  • Aloe vera- 200 health promoting compounds, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

About the amazing blender. Its a Blendtec, they are pretty pricey, I received mine as a gift. I use it everyday and think that they are well worth the money if you can swing it. They are super duper powerful and as you can see it can blend whole fruit to liquid. You can also make nut butters, flours, milks (like almond, soy, etc), soups and sauces in minutes. Enough about my buddy, the blender, but I had to let you in...

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Bethany said...

Adam just splurged for one of those fancy mixers (not sure if it's same kind) and he is in heaven. I guess you can even make soup in it. He said they made a vegan cauliflower soup that actualy tasted creamy with just the veggie. So glad you have one too. You and Adam should have a blend off. I'll sit back and enjoy as the taste judge!
PS, I'm really happy for you about your news.