Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Bees

Life has been very busy for Chopper and I, and I’m not complaining. This is how our life goes, nothing….nothing… and then BOOM its spring, its summer, and then Halloween and Christmas come rushing in. It is hard to remember the distraction and bustle in the middle of February. It is also hard to motivate and utilize that time in preparation for what comes in May. In May we move twice, if all goes well “close” on “our” house (on the mainland), I start working 2 jobs, start our birthing classes and manage to continue to practice self-care and a life of happy moderation. Of course I planned to do a cleanse in the middle of it all.

I have been busy planning a group cleanse for a small group of brave people living on Block Island. It is a food-based cleanse and I will make the necessary adjustments to make it a healthy cleanse for a pregnant woman (or athlete or nursing mother, as the group may demand). Tonight I give a presentation on cleansing, in hopes that I will inspire more people to make the challenge of self-care, a priority for 10 days. When I am planning something like this, I can’t help but dream or envision a time when everyone in my small community of 900, may be cleansing together. Focusing on taking walks in nature, making healthy food together, and feeling the woes of eliminating wheat, sugar and dairy together, and supporting each other through the emotional ups and downs associated with such a change. I know the dream of 900 may never happen (I can’t bring myself to say “will never”), but I am hoping for a nice group of perhaps 10 people.

Cleansing is challenging, it may only seem like deprivation if that is how you look at it. I hope to inspire people to see it as a new beginning and a fresh look at food, their relationship to it, and what it means to care for your body.

In the meantime, we have been enjoying a lot of comfort food lately. I think it is the pregnancy, because usually this time of year I crave lots of salads and clean foods. After those mexi-potatoes last week we had leftovers, so we had a fish dish with mashed potatoes and potato pancakes. Those recipes are on their way, they were beautiful dishes. When the dust settles.

The cleanse starts May 2, if you’d like to follow along. I will post more information as we get under way.

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Hannah said...

If you don't get the house I have one for you. I've been inlove with it for 4 years, it's a two family, in my neighborhood, historic and the most beautiful thing I could imagine living in. It was going for dirt cheap.