Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby greens (ultrasound picture)

I've spent the last 3 days on the mainland and so my "green" intake was left up to Wholefoods market and restaurants to upkeep. I don't cook when I am over there, primarily because my kitchen is not set up and because there are so many great options. Garden Grill, Julians, and Local 121 to name a few for the Rhode Islanders.

Chopper and I went for our first appointment with our new midwife and turns out my belly was measuring a whole month ahead of where it was supposed to be! She said this could mean, either I was due in August (ahhhh!) or carrying twins (double ahhh!!), so we went and had an ultrasound to find out just what was going on. Turns out I am right on time and the baby is measuring normal for 4 months, so....aaaaaaaaaah (sigh). So the belly size had more to due with my anatomy than anything else, I'm just showing big.

Here is the little bean. Look at that strong spinal cord! She is kind of lounging, her leg is kind of bent and out in front of her. I say "her" but don't be fooled we aren't actually finding out the sex, but I think it looks like a girl, kind of, sort of.


Hannah said...

"She" is beautiful and so big! Next time you are here let me know! I'd love to host you for a meal! I have a lot of baby books if you need to borrow any.

Bethany said...

Wow! So exciting. Big hugs.

JG said...

wow ! i was caught off guard coming to check out your newest post! congrats to you and chopper, how excitingly fantastic!!

cray said...

I just have a big goofy grin on my face, that's all I can say :) And that spinal cord is awesome.. someone has been getting lots of folic acid!

Dulce said...

Wow! Persephone. Congratulations to you and Chopper. You both much be abslutely glowing! I'm so happy for you.
Love, Dulce