Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day (intro to swiss chard)

Forget the corned beef and cabbage unless it is a bona-fide soul food for you. Here's a green treat that won't make you turn green...

Swiss Chard is one green that is easy to introduce to people because it's just so damn likable. First of all look at those leaves and the bright red stems (this chard is sometimes called Ruby Chard). Rainbow chard is even more exciting because the stems come in all different colors. Chard has a pretty mild nutty flavor, not as bitter as some other dark leafy greens. To prepare it I dice up a small onion and the stems and saute them in a little EVOO until translucent and softened. I rinse the leaves and then roll them up like cigars to make them easy to cut. Then add the chopped leaves to the pan...no need to add oil because the water on the leaves from rinsing them will help them steam. Saute them down till wilted and while they cook sprinkle in a little garlic powder and a pinch of sea salt. The sea salt brings out the chards natural sweet flavors and the garlic just tastes good.

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