Monday, January 12, 2009

No soup but SWEEEEEETS (raw banana cake, cacao truffles)

Wow, big talk no action in the "soup diet" department. This past week was a tough one, the first after many holiday get togethers, dinner parties, lots of action and then......crickets. I have lots I could be doing and I am doing my best to keep motivated. But I have to be honest I've needed a vice and this week it has been eating dinner and then dessert! Fortunately with my new blender I can make lots of great "raw" treats which means lots of healthy sweets. Since starting Health Counseling and making adjustments in my own eating a rarely crave sweets. One thing that can effect the craving department is imbalances in other areas, these imbalances can lead to cravings that seem somewhat unexplainable. So feeling bored and unmotivated has lead to wanting some kind of "high" from sugar. Boooooo. So I have some great sweet recipes for y'all that will be delicious on the lips but will go right past your hips, little harm done.

#1 Delicious Banana Cake

In a food processor chop/blend 1 1/2 cup walnuts with 1/2 cup date sugar (you can find this at a health food store or substitute 3-4 soaked whole dates)

Press this mixture into a pie plate or spring form (spring form preferred) and spread evenly

Blend 5 brown bananas till smooth and creamy and pour on top of of "crust"

Sprinkle walnuts on top and freeze.
So simple, but really flippin good. It's like an ice cream cake.
This cake is good for anyone suffering from nausea, that's what brown bananas are good for. Green bananas are calming ;)

#2 Cacao Truffles

1 cup (raw)almond butter
1 cup soaked dates
1/4 raw cacao or cocoa powder

Blend the almond butter and dates until smooth. Add cocoa and blend.
Roll into balls and toss in cocoa or cacao powder for that nice coating.
Again really easy, but awesome and good for you!!
The cacao is a mega-antioxidant and gives you that chocolate kick without any added processed sugar.


Madeline said...

Persephone, you inspired me to take a juicing book out of the library and now this post has given me even sweeter reasons to get a good blender! Can you recommend, to your readers and I, a good juicer? The vitamix type of blender can't do it all, unfortunately, right? Or can it?

persephone said...

Hi Maddie,

To be honest I think that the blender, though not a juicer may be more worth the bucks. What it does is turns the solid to liquid, so you get all the fiber and nutrients and don't lose anything by just extracting the juice. Good juicers (the investment kinds) are big and kind of a pain to clean (though worth it) the blender is something that you may use a little more. However, if you have a food processor and are happy using that for now. A good juicer will be a great addition to your kitchen...

Commercial kind (could juice at the farmers market)
Greenstar Juicer Model#1000

Great for the family..
Lequip Juicer Model 215