Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Organizational Soup

Just back from a great weekend in NY city! This is when the soup really starts to hit the fan ;) While I was there I took advantage of the great restaurants and had Indian, Mexican, and French cuisine. Fantastic. I will not return to the island until tomorrow morning and then Chopper and I will put our "soup" plan into place. I actually had soup this morning for breakfast, I hope I'm not blowing my soup steam (how many times can I say soup in this post?) This morning I started with a delicious cup of mixed squash soup from Wholefoods and a 5 grain roll. It was delicious, this soup thing should be fun. But enough talking and more action!

Aside from my soup aspirations I am very excited about my new time management and organizational steps/tasks that I am putting into place. I have been a lot of talk, no action, for a long time in this area. Getting a planner a year ago was SO big for me, that I sort of stopped there. I use it, of course, but perhaps not best for it's capacity. Today, I asked myself, "What can I do to get more organized?" And next, comes answering that question with a list. Then adhering to that list. It feels so great to get it all down on paper, I highly recommend it! It is in these areas that we relieve the daily stresses of life and in turn make healthier day to day decisions. I was so excited and thrilled with the action in the city this weekend, that I didn't feel the need to finish every meal with dessert. So next I will ask myself the question, What can I do to have more action in my day to day life? And then? Make my list.

Proof I was in NY
Beautiful Lambs Wool from the Union Square Farmers Market
That would add color to anyones day!

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