Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet potato sandbags (in retrospect:first signs I was pregnant)

Ok ok. I have to be honest the soup diet was unable to hold up, or rather I should say we were unable to hold up to the soup diet. We went to the mainland this weekend and when we are on the mainland our kitchen is bare. Meaning we don't have any of the necessary spices or ingredients to make meals. So we brought some soup off island with us and then went and had pizza. There is a place on Federal Hill called Bob and Timmy's, I swear it is a hidden gem. Perhaps everyone else knows how good it is too, but the few times we've been there it is as if we have discovered this little whole in the wall with delicious thin crust grilled pizzas.

So it went like that the whole weekend. Not pizza, but the salad bar at Wholefoods, homemade black bean burgers at Jullien's, and brown fried rice at Twist. Once the levees broke no amount of sweet potato soup sandbags could fix that whole. We did eat sweet potato soup which I had made to take with us off the island, it was delicious but I made the mistake of eating it with slightly moldy bread and gave myself a stomach ache. I have to say I did little to promote said soup diet.

Last night, back on the island, I made vegetarian chili. It was delicious and was served with homemade cornbread. This week we'll see how the fare fairs.

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