Thursday, January 8, 2009

A change has come.

Happy New Year!!!

This year represents change for so many of us, a shift is happening.  For everyone who is being effected by the recession, the election, or climate change we are being given that little nudge to make changes in our lives.  I feel like I am witnessing people choosing health and happiness in simpler ways and really paying attention to what matters most, self preservation!  This is really exciting to see, isn't it?

This winter has been extraordinary for myself so far.  Yes, I am on Block Island in the winter (which can be a little slow moving), and yes I sometimes feel a little koo koo.  But I have been using this idle time for real change in my own life, and this has felt good.  I know a lot of people are thinking "what I would do for a little idle time!"  most of us are really busy, but I encourage you to see where in your life you can cut the fat in your schedule, and for those who don't have anywhere to pull from, how can you make the time you do spend more enjoyable?  It could be as simple as playing music you really like, or being clear on how you communicate your needs.

Chopper and I have been discussing which diet we would like to try next, I think both of us are hesitating a little because we have liked being "off the wagon".  I just want to throw in a little disclaimer here:  Neither of us are doing these "diets" with the intention to lose weight, and we find more pleasure in the learning experience than pain in the restriction.  The next 3 diets that are up for discussion are Macrobiotic, Raw or Living foods diet, or an all Soup diet.  The all soup diet is self explanatory,  we are going to eat soup 3 meals a day for 10 days.  I think this is actually the one we are going with.  It is a little cold for Chop to do the raw diet and then work outside all day and Macrobiotic is on the list, it just may have to wait in line.  Eating all soup will make me have to get creative in the kitchen and will give our digestive systems a little break from solid foods, I anticipate it being very cleansing.  So if you are interested in some new soup recipes, stay tuned!  I am especially excited to use my new Blendtec blender, this is partly why I am choosing the soup diet too.  

There she is (serious business), chock full of fruits and veggies, in a matter of seconds this will be a delicious smoothy.  Best part is you don't have to cut anything up, and you keep all the nutrients and fiber.


Madeline said...

Oooo, that looks good. So it isn't a vitamix. I remembered incorrectly. I will look up this one instead. I want to throw everything the farm produces into a blender.

persephone said...

Actually I may have said vitamix so that you would know what I was referring too. Either way the job they do is the same. The vitamix are much more basic, but that is a good thing. I wouldn't change this for anything, but the vitamix has a different shaped blade and some argue it is better, although that arguement exists on both sides of the coin. This is a "commercial" grade (only the best from chop chop), so maybe someday when I open that cafe it'll be a seamless transition in the blender department.

persephone said...

It was delicious..

Alyssa said...

Hey Persephone. I met you at Mary's house a while back for a cooking class. Although I have only read a few posts, your blog is very enjoyable! I have been experimenting with the raw food diet and started totally raw this week. I am going to try it for a month and see how it goes. I am loking forward to reading your posts when you go raw! Good luck with the soup :)

persephone said...

Hi Alyssa! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog, that feels good. I do remember meeting you. Wow, you've made many changes and going raw...good for you!! I've included some raw desserts in my newest post, enjoy!