Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are almost there (making it through the holidays)

New Years Eve, aaaahhhhh, just one more meal, one more party, one more weekend until life will level out again. We all talk about the holidays being difficult to balance life, food, and drink, but golly! All those little tricks and tips given to us on the morning programs or the Block Island Times articles are much more difficult to adhere to, than to speak about. This year, for me, it has been best to just let it all hang out and when I had any say or any control on what I was eating I would reign myself in with greens. Greens: kale, collards, salad, spinach; sauteed, steamed, or raw. If I could slip those in here or there I would feel a little better about the piece of pecan pie I indulged in at 9 o clock at night. It has been 2 weeks of mayhem!

What has become so apparent to me, something I know in theory but is so fun to watch play out, is how these habits are perpetuating. Sugar leads to craving more sugar, alcohol leads to craving sugar as well as general malais and disregard, alcohol and sugar lead to craving rich and fatty foods. Before I knew it, the meals you see in any of my former posts hardly seemed satisfying! It is no wonder why it is so difficult to get off of this gravy train (pun intended). Fortunately this is what I do for a living, help people reign in...jump off the train, but if I didn't know what I do know, it would be some challenge.

What I am saying is I feel for everyone out there. For all of you that beat yourself up over choices, especially this time of year, don't do it. How you feel about what you eat effects you as much as what you eat. How you feel about a situation can also help you turn it around. So use this time as inspiration, new year new you Or new year, new perspective. Happy New Year Everyone!! 2009, whew. Tonight is stuffed lobster, and next week is a new 10 day diet.