Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 1 of Candida cleanse was, well, fine. Chop resisted the urge of donuts that I guess someone brought to work, they were "Dunkin Donuts" from the mainland so it was kind of a big deal. He asked if he found something with sugar in the wild, could he eat it...then proceeded to call his partner and ask him to hang a donut from the tree. I think this is a little tougher for him, he should be writing this blog.

My urges were much more subtle, I cored, pealed and froze our bag of apples that we had bought pre-c.c. The apples weren't "green". I have been searching and I haven't found the answer, but for some reason "green" apples are allowed on this diet (as well as berries and citrus) but no other fruit, I'm assuming sugar content, but they still would become sugar pretty quickly during digestion. In any case, if you have candida you would just have to pay attention to how your body reacts.

There they are! The evil doers...

Being a non-land animal eater alot of my diet is made up of grains and beans. Candida makes this amount of carbohydrates kinda out of the question. Since the Master cleanse dairy (except yogurt) has made me feel sick, so meals may start to be a bit tough. Gluten free grains are allowed but limited amounts, I'd say no more than a cup a day. We had brown rice pasta (gluten free) last night for dinner. I made it with lots of garlic in hopes to counter the effects. I'd say it was cool.

Breakfast. Bor-ing! Plain yogurt with walnuts. I would have loved a drizzle of m.syrup (listen to me last week I would have been whimsically singing the praises of such a breakfast. How quickly we forget)

Lunch-Leftover seaweed and cabbage salad over greens. There were raisins in the leftovers that I told Chop to savor. The dressing was made with apple cider vinegar which you can has malic acid which helps to fight the yeast.

Dinner- Brown rice pasta (really good if you haven't tried it, much better than whole wheat pasta. Not as grainy) with broccoli in homemade pesto that I had frozen (no cheese) and onions. I cooked the onions for a while till they were nice and sweet. hehe

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candy? No, I said CANDIDA

So we got it! Chopper and I talked about what crazy way of eating we'd like to try first. Chop tends to have a little thing for sugar, as in he eats an awful lot of it. So he wants to go no sugar. I know this is a challenge for anyone as it also means no fruit, no dried fruit (our favorite snack), no breads/baked goods, cereal, etc etc. As well as the standard sugars like honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar. I want to up the ante a little so I would like to eat a "candida cleanse" diet. For those who aren't familiar with candida the information is all there in the word (click link). In short it is an imbalance of bacteria and yeast in your body, we all have this in some form or another, but it is when it starts to manifest into skin rashes and digestive issues that it can become an issue. Alot of people have this and don't realize it, ever go to a dermatologist for a skin rash that just won't go away?

So what can't we eat..thats what I want to know. Aged cheeses, alcohol, chocolate, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fermented foods, mushrooms, vinegar, glutenous foods (wheat, rye, oats, barley), all sugars, honeys and syrups (that includes any ‘ose’, like lactose, sucrose etc), and foods that contain yeast or mold (breads, muffins, cakes, baked goods, cheese, dried fruits, melons, peanuts - although nutritional and brewer’s yeasts are not harmful, as they do not colonize in the intestines). SO there you go! Candida is an overgrowth of yeast, hence the fermented foods and aged cheeses. I have to look into root vegetables, i have a pumpkin sitting here lookin at me, waiting to be eaten. Something tells me no, but I want to check.

Neither Chop nor I have Candida symptoms. We will do our best with this, Chop has asked for 1 piece of fruit a day (he says he really likes his 3:00 banana). Fortunately for us having that piece of fruit doesn't perpetuate a really itchy and painful rash or belly ache or in some cases diabetes like it would with someone suffering from Candida. If anything I think this will show us just how much sugar we actually eat! All I keep thinking is broccoli here I come!

PS: Ok so now that I have continued to research this diet I am getting some conflicting information one website says no "gluteness" grains (this would allow rice, millet, oat bran, rice bran), and then the other says no grains whatsoever. This same website does however allow: Green apples, berries, avocadoes, grapefruit, lemons, limes. I'm going to do a little combining and get the best of both worlds..hehe. Oh like you wouldn't have done the same!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here we go...

I've found that I really like keeping a blog. However I've decided that if I'm going to keep this going it needs to be relevant to more than just myself and my musings. I was talking about this with Chopper last night and he suggested experimenting with all types of diets for 10 days a piece. And again, just like any time in the past when people would suggest "how about a cleanse" I squirmed. I don't like not being able to eat what I would like to, I don't like restriction. But with that squirming comes clarity, this is then something I must do!! Well there are so many diets to choose from...macrobiotic, raw, candida cleanse (no sugar in any form), high carb, high protein, Gluten free, the Zone, the list goes on and on. Where should I start? To be honest I'm going to have to think about this...even now I don't want to do it. This is however, what I ask people to do everyday. To change what they know, how they eat, and how they look at food. It is of course a more gradual shift, but there's nothing gradual about food allergies, and I've had my gradual's time to step it up! So I will be thinking about this today and choosing my diet tomorrow...oh boy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Perhaps a bit superfluous at this point, but below are some of the pictures that were taken and promised. Yes I am kissing the spinach pie.

Proof that it went in...the "Frozen yogurt" cake

I wouldn't suggest a meal at Chili's to anyone. In case this looks like an advertisement or condoning behavior. I more wanted to mortify Heather by putting her in the blog, AND display how horrific that plate of food looks...

And finally a photo and digestive cleanse. This was my juice yesterday. Celery, apple, carrot, ginger, and daikon radish. The daikon snuck in there, it was only a little guy so I just through it in, wheeeewweee spicy. I added the ginger because I had been sooo cold, ginger is very warming. Then around 4:00 I made a pot of rice and ate it. The rice was nice and warm. I practiced chewing which is a long and arduous process with rice, but very necessary for proper digestion especially of grains.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What can I say...

Day 10. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I don't know if it was the guilt, the food, or the wine. I broke and not a crack, I shattered. I hate having to write this right now, really, I have been dreading this since the euphoria of the spinach pie wore off.

It was my friends 30th birthday party, not just any friend, one of my oldest and closest. Just for a minute will you conjure up how you get/feel/behave when with some of your oldest girl or guy friends? Giddy, silly, goofy, hungry, thirsty, haha. She has a big Italian family and the food! Admittedly I had non-verbally decided earlier I was going to eat something, I didn't prepare for the day the way I had for every other social event I had attended this week. I didn't make enough lemonade, I had my period so I was doing some early justifying and I wanted to have fun with my friends.

Anyway lets just get down to the dirty details. It started with some cucumber slices, celery sticks, and carrots. Then some salad, no dressing. The chewing felt good, but with the eggplant parmesan, pasta, spinach rolls, crackers and cheese, vegetable casserole, and a few other dishes covered in tomato sauce, the vegetable sticks were not satisfying me. Then some fruit salad. Then Heather was eating a spinach roll (possibly at my request) and I took a bite. I chewed the first bite for a long time, tasting the bread, the spinach, the oils, the cheese and then I had more (there was one spinach roll left at the end of the party, I just remembered it's in my purse). I wish it had stopped there. At this point I started showing off. I poured myself a glass of wine. The wine went right to my head and I was laughing at everything. That was fun, I can't remember the last time a few sips of wine made me so silly. After the wine came "frozen yogurt" cake, I shared a piece with Heather and we were both vying for the crumbly chocolate crusty part. There are pictures of all of it, not sure I'm ready to post those. So right now were at salad, spinach pie, and cake...hardly reintroducing food the way I thought it would be done.

After the party we all wanted to keep hanging out, it was early and we were in the suburbs so our options were very limited. We ended up at Chili's. Can I stop now? There I proceeded to have 2 more glasses of wine, chips and salsa (alot) and then the penultimate about 7-10 french fries. This was not at all what I had in mind. I have to admit that telling people about it is the worst part. My stomach doesn't even hurt, how bizarre is that? I understand why telling people is the hardest aspect of all of this..because I had good time. I was with my friends who I never get to see, and the food was only showcased last night because every bite I took was a field day, otherwise it was secondary. Apart from how I may feel today physically, I'm cool with it.

My plan now is to juice cleanse for today and tomorrow. I feel extremely dehydrated. Juicing for the next 2 days will be easy compared to the last 9 days. I will share my juice recipes with you for anyone who wants to juice along. It was really when I let my mental guard down that I couldn't resist any longer. This entire process has been a mental challenge and cleanse so much more than a physical (or perhaps equally). For anyone who wants to give it a whirl, give yourself time to prepare mentally. Mark it on your calendar, look at your calendar regularly, and just know that when that day comes...its on.

(Pictures of me with spinach pie to follow)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lonely, not eating is

Yesterday was tough. Then last night I learned why it was so was the first day of my period. Poor planner when it comes to that, always have been. So all day I felt tired, almost sick.

Then last night I went to the opening of a friends wellness center in Providence (really beautiful space offering acupuncture, reiki, massage, yoga, and dance. Check it out I was introduced to an acupuncturist who, when she was told I was on the master cleanse, got pretty fired up about it not being a good thing to do. This was someone who's opinion I respect and I wanted to hear her reasonings. She spoke of the maple syrup being pure sugar (which it is) and the cayenne just irritating your intestines, but the lemon is beneficial. I agree with her on the m.syrup, but I also understand that the amount that you are drinking throughout the day (about a cup), and the neccesity of it to make it 10 days no food makes it more of a tool than a inhibitor. And the cayenne, its there to circulate the blood which it does. I feel flush after taking a big gulp from the cayenne and again it is a 1/4 of a teaspoon per liter of fluid, so not enough to be a major intestinal irritant. Regardless of us both having our different educated opinions, I continued to think about this as I was not feeling so hot and thought she could be right.

In that processing time I came to this...this is more of a mental/endurance feat for me than a physical cleanse. Granted my tongue is no longer white and velvety and my skin feels smooth and soft And I've lost some weight, most of which I will gain back but what I don't gain back was excess and I'm happy to be rid of it. But like I've said before, it has changed my view on food and it's place in our lives. We don't need all the food we eat, we don't need 1/2 of it. We do need, however, connection with people to break bread so to speak. I understand why people overeat, especially when their needs aren't being met in other areas of their lives. I knew that in theory, but now I feel like I understand it a little deeper. It was lonely not eating. Because I have my period now I may drink a vegetable juice today. Juicing is also a great cleanse. I may stick to juice cleanses from now on, after having completed my cleansing marathon. Tomorrow is Day 10. ahhhhhhhhh