Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today I want to scream...but first eat a pizza

Today is day 8 and I am definitely not feeling the euphoria that I've heard so many others describe. I started with psyllium husks today just to mix it up. Chop and I went to his mom's to hang out and took a nice walk on the beach, after the walk I felt really low energy and had to go to the market for some emergency lemon juice and maple syrup. I can't say I am feeling better now. More than anything I miss the social aspect of eating, I can't believe I have a birthday party tomorrow. I do want to eat, I do. At the same time I don't even know where I would start.

I have been skimping on water today too. I think I'm a little tired of the whole thing. Pull it together Persephone!!

Ok, so you know when you eat the same thing like 2 or 3 meals in a row and you just get so tired of it? I don't know if that'll happen to me now. I can see plain brown rice being the sweetest most flavorful food. When I cook I like to go all out I love for there to me lots of flavor and different flavors to compliment the others. Maybe now this will change, for a little while anyways.

Its mental man, aaaaallllll mental.

Friday, November 7, 2008

You too, shall eat again

Day 7. Just as I expected, I am feeling much better today than I did last night mentally. I ended up eating an apple last night, it was almost like "hitting the bottle" it was more for my mental state than for anything else. I figure eating an apple probably isn't too far from drinking the lemonade digestion wise.

A lot of friends and family are asking questions and seem really interested in trying this cleanse for themselves. I am really happy to have inspired some people. I do think that because this does, to some degree, change your relationship to food this could be really positive for people that have never done anything like it. It really just gives a new perspective. Anyway for those that are interested I would like to give a little more info.

--The logistics are drinking the lemonade and doing the flushes twice a day. What I am finding is I've stopped drinking as much lemonade in the morning, because I'm not hungry and I don't feel like it, but that only makes it much harder in the afternoon. So drink consistently. Now that I am so far into this the lemonade was actually starting to taste way to sweet for me so I have cut the maple syrup down to 1/2 a cup. I've also started watering it down. If you are aiming to lose weight by doing this cleanse they also say to decrease the amount of maple syrup.

--The first flush in the morning (SWF), do that before you drink anything else, on an empty stomach. And sip it slowly. On day 3 I chugged the swf because i just wanted to get it over with and ended up throwing it all up. A big salt water puke. That made the day much harder because my stomach felt so empty.

--Aches and pains are normal signs of detoxification. A friend who is also doing this ended up with a fever last night, this again is a sign of deep rooted toxins or virus that was buried in his system being flushed. This is a good thing, otherwise it could lead to future ailments with worse conditions down the road. Get it up and out! Also if you feel this way, take a epson salt bath or if you don't have a bath tub, scrub your body with a loofah in the hot shower. This will help to draw the toxins out through the skin.

--Try to get your partner or someone else to do it with you. Left to his own devices chopper has been cooking up a storm. Its been great to see, but really hard on the senses. Roasted chicken, sauted peppers, homemade chicken soup with sourdough baguette, eggs..its almost too much.

--Journal your experience. This has been a great forum for me. I have gotten so much support, and it gives me something to do with my extra time. Journaling helps to get what you're feeling out, just like you are detoxifying your body, you can detoxify your mind as well.

--Not having to stop and eat, never mind prepare food will give you more time in your day. Maybe on your normal lunch break you can take a short walk instead, or plan something to do for yourself that you wouldn't normally during those meal times. Make these ten days about self care. And know that you will eat again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mornings good. Nights bad.

Day 6, 7:40 pm. Tonight is the first night where I find myself wondering if I'll make it. I thank you all for being here with me, and for allowing me to post more than once a day without throwing tomatoes at me (though that would be nice). It helps to talk about. I feel like I shouldn't be white knuckling it, the way I am. I am actually fine all day and then night time, man oh man. I think the anticipation of the weekend is making it harder as well. Chopper and I are going off island and we usually love to go out to eat, I have a friends birthday on Sunday, and would love to have dinner with my father but should probably wait to see him.

Tonight I drank psyllium husks and water instead of the laxative tea. The psyllium husks are basically pure fiber. It helps to move any solid waste, that may be stuck, through your system and help to fill you, oh for about 15 minutes. Sorry, am I whining?

Tomorrow I will wake up and feel great and I will tell you about how great I feel. Until then...

Day 6

Day 6 and I'm feeling good. I feel like I have been drinking a lot of coffee, very wiry. I think this is what people describe as feeling great. Its funny to think about not eating for as long as I have..hahahaha. I have lost 8 lbs, which is still mostly water weight I believe, but I feel very slim. Losing the retained water will be very good for my back and sciatic nerve, so I'm happy about that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pocketbook Tears

I have been a blubbering fool all day! This election has proved to be more emotional for me than I realized it would be. Actually I understand that when detoxifying the body you usually detoxify your emotions as well. Just like some people cry when they get a massage or do yoga, it can be a release of emotions that is unexpected. So yes, I've been very emotional.

Today i watched some news, cried, did some laundry, cried, washed the dishes and then decided I had to get out of the house! Took a nice long vigorous walk and when I got home was thiiirrrsty. Good thing all I can ingest is fluids, phew. This morning, aside from the crying, my salt water flush worked in full force for the first dehydration nation. Fortunately I have been drinking my weight in ounces of water.

I've included another tongue picture for your viewing pleasure. Notice how pink my upper lip is, and the tip of my tongue is the same color. That will really showcase the contrast of my white velvety tongue. Once again I must remind you that this is completely normal and a great sign of detoxification.

I also wanted to include some pretty raw food pictures from my mom's house. Its not the photography that is showcased here, but the fruits themselves. Those white cannon balls are baby coconuts (full of electrolytes), and the fancy pants dish is my mother's beautiful raw portebello mushroom topped with fresh guacamole, tomatoes, red onion and arame seaweed (rich in minerals) hmmmm hmmmm.

Whats the deal with the whole raw thing? Well living foods have a life force, they are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and active enzymes. All of this make them very easy foods to digest, which is very easy on your body (digestion takes a lot of energy), and you absorb many more nutrients. So a little food goes a long way. Personally I've enjoyed having some raw/some cooked foods. Something, which I am finding this cleanse does, is really put into perspective the idea of food purely being used as fuel for energy. We use it for so much more, it is the nucleus of many cultures, families, entertainment, and celebration! This is why we love it so much, However i do get the sense that I will look at food differently after this experience. More subtle flavors will be very satisfying, and right now I could eat nothing but that line up of coconuts for breakfast lunch and dinner and be one happy camper.

So Excited!

I am just SO excited about our new president!!!! I am not naive, I understand noone will solve all of our problems, but for this country on so many levels, this is a huge step forward.

OK that being said, Day 5 and I feel alive. It is about 7:30 am and I am sipping my salt water flush after surviving a trying pot luck last night. There was vegetarian meat loaf, quiche (that looked awesome), beautiful salad, pizza, rice and beans, seven layer dip, chips, banana bread, brownies, cowgirl cookies (oatmeal cookies with walnuts dried cranberries and choc chips) and wine. Ha! Fortunately the food and the TV were in 2 different rooms, so I immersed myself in the election poles and the many babies that were there. I think there were at least 5 (babies). It wasn't all that hard actually, I had a few grapes and a few cucumber slices. The brownies were a little tough, the smell permeated the room, but hey brownies are always hard to resist.

Its a beautiful day outside so I hope to get out there and be a little physical, now that I'm wearing my "day 5" shoes. Over the hump so to speak. To anyone reading, enjoy today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not all bad

Today has actually been a really great day. It is 6:20 and I am not starving, which definitely hasn't been the case in the past days. My flushes still don't seem to be working as they should. I haven't been to the bathroom that much at all (except to pee ...alot) I really need these flushes to work because now is the time that my body is starting to release the toxins from my fat cells and I want to be rid of them! Below is a picture of my tongue which is rather white and velvety. This is a big indication that my body is creating mucus in reaction to the toxins.

I also have some aches and pains also a reaction to the toxins flushing. This is all to be expected and makes me feel good that this sh*t be working.

So Today is ELECTION DAY...woo woo!! What the country and the world has been waiting for. And with election day comes election night potluck..yay. I feel good, and I did a little food preparation today myself with out dipping in, so I am not too worried. However my contribution is something that if the temptation gets to great, I can nibble.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm hungry

OK I'm not going to lie...I'm hungry. Day 3, I believe, is the proverbial hump that I must get over. Just so we're all on the up and up, I had a plum last night at 5 pm, another plum at 6 pm, and then at 8 I had an avocado. The plums were mealy, a bit disappointing (out of season, but they looked so good). THe avocado was rich and creamy and I really took my time with it. I consider the avocado a little like cheating, because it is a fat, but it was raw and a fruit. As I had mentioned before I am allowing myself to have raw fruits or vegetables for the first 3 days, only at dinner time, and I am trying to space them out so that they digest easily (the whole point of the cleanse). Tonight I'm at my mother's house (gotta wake up and vote tomorrow). My mother has been living a cleanse (so to speak), she has been eating a raw/living food diet for the past month and a half! I am so proud of her, and also excited to perhaps have a few bites of her raw food meal tonight.

I imagine some people or purists may be disappointed at me mentioning eating (at all) during this cleanse, but the point is to cleanse my body..not take any major stances or impress anyone. I actually think eating during the cleanse will hurt more than help, my body getting a taste of food will crave it more, making hunger more prevalent. So just the first 3 days, maybe 4. I am going to an election night potluck tomorrow night and I'm thinking of making a little raw veggie platter so that I can nibble on something, but then thats it! I promise. Even after the first few days I still have another 7 of not eating, so yeah, its cool.

I went grocery shopping today. I'm on the mainland, it had to be done. Actually my mom asked how I could do it and I realized that I really really wanted to. I started justifying why I had to go today, instead of waiting till I'm eating and cooking again. When I realized I was coming up with justifications, I had a loving "acceptance moment" with myself, just how much I love food. I love to shop for it, cook it, and eat it, having food completely removed is too hard. So torturous, as it may have been, I visited the new Trader Joes in RI. I spent way more money than I should have, and I guess thats because I broke the cardinal rule.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is it about that food?

What is getting me is the smells of food. I have had great energy for not eating for the first 2 days. The hunger is there, but it's definitely bearable. But food, like bread just coming out of the (no not the oven) but the bag smells amazing! I can smell french fries cooking a mile away in town. I'm sure this amazement at "not eating" will start to fade, but man oh man I never realized.

I do know that one reason I never tried a fast/cleanse in the past is simply because I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to stop eating. I love food and I love to cook and I was doing just fine with all of it. I can say that what changed that for me, was being injured and realizing how every day I had taken my health for granted. So now I am a little more willing to experiment, put forth an effort. Eating healthy has been easy for me, but this not as much. I am understanding how it is hard for people to make "sacrifices" in terms of maintaining their health. Food is fantastic, and if you love it, it can be so hard to give it any capacity.

Sunday 12:10

Chop thinks he's funny with the plunger and toilet paper. (I do too)

I've decided to change the amount of salt I put in the flush. Instead of 1 tsp I will now put 1 Tbl. I'm afraid that my body is going to absorb the salt and retain the water as apposed to flushing it through my system. Its been 2 hours, no affects of the flush. I'm not eating, the last thing I want to do is sit around and wait for poo to come!

Sorry maam we are out of coffee, but I can pour you a nice warm glass of salt water.

Sunday morning Day 2. First of all I'm not a big coffee drinker, but nothing is finer than being in my pj's sunday morning and having a cup of coffee and listening to some music...I know you all know the feeling! Instead I am drinking my salt water flush and listening to Chopper's eggs cook on the stove. sizzle sizzle.

Why the eff would someone do this, and is it safe, and what does it do for you exactly? Well it is safe for a given amount of time, and any amount of time be it a day or 10 days is helpful to your body and digestive system. Giving your digestive system a break, allows your body to focus its energy on other areas. I had hurt my back and it spawned me to want to do this cleanse, allow my back to heal and rid my body of excess water retension and toxins. Also a lot of people do this cleanse to lose weight, of course you have to change your eating habits after the fast to not gain it all back (pssst..I can help you with that)

The unavoidable here, is talking a little bit about my bodily functions. I won't be graphic, but essentially what I am doing is deliberately giving myself diarrhea. I woke up at 5 am to find that the salt water flush (SWF) from the morning before had finally kicked in. I am looking to get a faster return from this point on. Apparently after 1 or 2 days your body adjusts, you have more energy, less cravings for food and you are cleaning yourself inside out! I am looking at this like a reset, after a busy summer of a little too much wine and rich foods from working at the restaurant this will enable be to start fresh for the winter.

I have to admit that last night was tough (after 7:30), I started to get reaaal hungry. I ended up having some vegetable broth, and celery sticks. It feels a little surreal, the whole experience. I am now in the mourning stage, of the food that I won't be eating for the next 9 days.