Friday, December 12, 2008

Whats next? (intro to quinoa)

Yesterday was Day 10 of vegan nation. This meant oatmeal for breakfast, bean soup with toast for lunch, and BBQ tofu over quinoa with kale for supper. During this diet I re-discovered my uncles award winning barbecue sauce in the fridge. It really is award winning, he travels around with his group "The Bastey Boys" and enters down home BBQ competitions in Texas and Tennessee and does pretty good! Every x-mas he gives lots of meat treats to the family and, being vegetarian, I always get a big ol' jar of BBQ sauce. It is so flippin' good, I could drink the stuff. Because I never cook meat, I always forget it is in the fridge. I found it the other day when I went trawling for flavor. Chop had taken out the little fake chicken nugget thingies and we went from dipping those in the sauce to dipping corn chips. I would have dipped carrot sticks in the sauce if I had any carrots at my disposal. This reminded me to marinate the tofu and led to a delicious dinner last night. It was even perfect serving the kale on the side, like real southern cooking minus the lard (I used olive oil)

Quinoa (kee-nwa) is an ancient grain and a super protein. It is light and fluffy which is nice compared to some heavier grains. I highly suggest giving it a whirl if you've never tried it.
To make:
1 Cup Quinoa-rinsed
2 cups water
Put both in pot, bring to boil on the stove then bring down to simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Thats it, easy peasy! Add a little S+P to taste if you'd like

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Madeline said...

I finally got to visit here a few times this weekend and it is wicked awesome ; ) here. Truly. You make me want to join you on the diets.