Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Strolling folly (some vegan ideas)

The stores on the island have been opening for Christmas strolls here and there. Last night they were open and I went a strollin'. It was a quiet night and I was by myself, very nice indeed. Everything is lit up on the streets but there are very few people and just a few stores open. Because of this quiet atmosphere, the store owners were all up for a chat and I had a very nice time conversing and taking advantage of the discounts, on the otherwise expensive boutiquie merchandise. I was so relaxed and I helped myself to a chocolate chip cookie at one store and then a second cookie as I browsed. I was actually thinking as I ate the cookie, how the last time I was around these cookies I was cleansing and therefore could not partake in the sugar, egg, flour fiesta. Ah ha ha. As I was leaving I was offered a cookie to bring home to Chopper. This was when I was brought back down from my elevated Christmas cookie state and realized that I was not supposed to be eating these cookies. They certainly were not vegan being made with eggs and butter, and this was not only unfair to the animals but also to Chopper who has been very good at keeping to the diet. I did bring a cookie home to Chopper and he was very happy to indulge.

Chopper likes to have meat every so often, but loves to eat cheese and eggs on a daily basis. I had noticed that I was finding ways to sneak cheese into more and more meals to make them more satisfying for him. What has been interesting these last ten days is not only how easy it has been for him to leave eggs and dairy out, but also what he has done to substitute them.

1. Lots of avocado. Chop has added avocado to almost every meal, it is a fat that satisfies on many levels. Usually he toasts a piece of whole grain toast, puts half an avocado on top, drizzles it with olive oil and a little pepper.

2. He eats oatmeal every morning with nuts and dried fruit. Generally eggs would be quicker to prepare, but he has just gotten up a little earlier in the morning to make sure he has time to make the oatmeal. This is something that is real habit changing, just doing it for 10 days will now set a precedent for his normal morning schedule.

3.We've been eating lots of beans. This was not a conscious move on our part, but when it comes to meal time a bean soup or bean burrito with avocado just seems like the natural choice.

4.Last night he had some soy cheese that my mother had given us. This isn't something that we'd normally buy or enjoy for that matter, but last night it called out and Chop made a little macaroni and cheese with some left over brown rice pasta. He said it was satisfying but he wasn't craving cheese and could have done without it.

Well now, is anyone else experimenting? I'd love to hear about it...


hummingbird said...

I love the way these food experiments open up your world to new flavors and combos! We get so comfortable with the familiar... You gotta love TJ's for thier bag of avocados!

persephone said...

I know me too! I'm so lucky to have a man who's willing to play along, and to now have a TJs in RI!