Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vegan Diet (greens on greens with Tempeh)

Cooking vegan is easier for me than the other few diets I've tried (especially the one that involved NO food). Although, I imagine, as a few days go by I may grow a little tired of soy and long for my free range egg breakfast. Unfortunately soy becomes a major part of many vegan and vegetarian diets and despite its claims it isn't always the best for you. Most soy foods are majorly processed and any food out of its whole form gets rather confusing for the body. In preparation for this diet Chop and I bought mostly vegetables, grains (quinoa is a great source of protein), and beans. However we did prepare for a possible craving and bought vegetarian chicken nuggets thingies. I just read the label to learn that they are not vegan, they contain egg. This means that in 10 days when we are done with this diet there will still be fake chicken "thingies" in the freezer to be made.

Fake chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with miso gravy, and biscuits was my comfort food meal of choice for years. I never made the connection until I was discussing this with my Health Counseling mentor. During our talk it kind of poured out of me that this was also the 1 meal that my father and I would have the 1 night a year we would eat at home (we always went out to eat). Weavers chicken with Bisquick biscuits. Since making this connection I no longer crave this meal. I had decided that the next time I craved chicken and biscuits I would call my dad and then the craving never came. I love asking that question of my clients now, when in your life did you eat "that" food, its great to see what connections are made.

Vegan Recipe: Greens on greens with Tempeh
Greens: 4 stalks of kale, collards, bok chop or cabbage (I used kale and bok choy)
Cut up greens in small bite size pieces
Steam for 5-7 minutes till bright green

Crispy Tempeh: one package of organic tempeh cut into inch pieces
1/2 inch of Olive oil on medium heat
pan fry tempeh till golden brown, sprinkle with garlic powder near end of cooking

Tahini Dressing (awesome!)
1/3 cup tahini
3 Tbl. Shoyu (soy sauce)
3 Tbl. umeboshi vinegar
1/2 bunch parsley, chopped
1/2 bunch scallions, chopped
1/2 cup of water

Put all ingredients in food processor. Blend and add water till desired consistency.

This is a really simple meal with a food processor or blender. I put my greens and tempeh over wheat soba noodles to make the meal go a little further. Mmmmm Mmmmm


Hannah said...

I am amazed that you said you always went out to eat. How and why if you don't mind sharing more...

persephone said...

My parents were divorced and my dad, I guess, just didn't cook. I could speculate on the reasons why, because I think he did like to cook when they were together, but at the time it was just the way it was. I was with my dad about 4 nights a week and we had about 5 places that we always went on a rotating basis. I got the same meal at every place every time, makes me feel icky to think about it now, but I guess when you are kid you could be satisfied on the same 4 or 5 things. Thank you for asking, it is something I rarely think about but it seems that every time it comes up it brings stuff up for me. I shall be thinking about this further ;)

Hannah said...

Perhaps also comforted by the same thing at each place, thanks for sharing that. I can see why food and it's preparation and gathering is so important to you. Amazing what we figure out the older we get!