Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is it about that food?

What is getting me is the smells of food. I have had great energy for not eating for the first 2 days. The hunger is there, but it's definitely bearable. But food, like bread just coming out of the (no not the oven) but the bag smells amazing! I can smell french fries cooking a mile away in town. I'm sure this amazement at "not eating" will start to fade, but man oh man I never realized.

I do know that one reason I never tried a fast/cleanse in the past is simply because I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to stop eating. I love food and I love to cook and I was doing just fine with all of it. I can say that what changed that for me, was being injured and realizing how every day I had taken my health for granted. So now I am a little more willing to experiment, put forth an effort. Eating healthy has been easy for me, but this not as much. I am understanding how it is hard for people to make "sacrifices" in terms of maintaining their health. Food is fantastic, and if you love it, it can be so hard to give it any capacity.

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