Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We are in Georgia!  This is very exciting as we love to be here, spending time with one of our favorite group of people- Madeline, Nicolas, Gillen, and Jesse.  Today we will be doing some shopping in preparation for the big holiday feast and later sacrificing a turkey and 2 ducks for Thursday (sacrificing seems like such a better way to put it).  These birds were raised for food, on a beautiful farm and free range meaning they could go where and as they pleased but always returned for feeding time.  The birds are beautiful, and the feathers will be used for some lovely decoration they are really pretty.  The thought of this experience is raising a lot of questions for me about my choice to be vegetarian.  Because I have chosen not to eat meat for close to 10 years it has been an easy decision but one that has perhaps lost a little meaning.  This is a great perspective.  It really displays the difference between raising an animal humanely as apposed to factory farming, which is how almost all of our animals are raised and slaughtered.  I can't say I'm happy or excited about the killing, but I am choosing to participate to experience first hand.

On that note,  to avoid stuffing yourself like a turkey....I highly suggest not skipping your breakfast.  We think we're saving the room by skipping a meal but then golly the feasting can get a little out of hand.  Eat your breakfast, a nice big healthy breakfast, and then enjoy a yummy, but not out of hand Thanksgiving dinner.

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Bethany said...

Nice post.
Glad you're having fun and it IS nice to know the animals one eats had a happy life.
Happy TG.
That is so ace about the BI times, congrats.
Did you ever read, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? I imagine you did. If not, you must!
Or listen to it on audio, even better.