Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today is Day 1. I have decided to do the Master Cleanse, in short this is a 10 day very specific liquid diet. No Food. No alcohol. No caffeine. Right now it feels like the deprivation is more than just those 3 things, but those 3 things cover a lot of ground.

I've decided to blog this experience for the accountability. If someone somewhere may be reading this and day 4 I start mowing on french fries, I not only will have disappointed myself, but my avid (cause you know they will be) reader (s) as well. I am also blogging my experience for other people who are interested in doing a cleanse themselves can see what they are in for, what each day brings. And finally because I am a Health Counselor and I would like to see if this is something that I could introduce to my clients, and be able to relate to their pain as they follow through.

Just so we're all on the same page..information on the Master Cleanse is here

Overview: A day on the Master Cleanse consists of drinking a lemonade made of fresh lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, lots of water, and salt water flushes twice a day to really clean out your intestines.

Day 1 I woke up and drank my salt water flush while I prepared my lemonade for the day. Its suggested that you give about and hour to 2 for the salt water to kick in and make you have to go (to the bathroom). I drank it and waited and waited. Finally I decided it wasn't happening and went to work. I work part time building stone walls, not exactly a quiet low energy job, but I thought that the busier I was and the less I was around food, the better.

I felt fine in all honesty. The trouble I foresee myself having isn't the hunger, which is strong yet bearable, but food its self and the role it plays in my life. So much of my time is spent planning meals, making sure my fresh produce doesn't go bad, cooking, preparing, baking, oh man food is such a huge part of my day! 3 meals a day I cook or prepare food at home. What am I going to do with all this time!? Blog?

It is now 7:30 pm of Day 1. After work Chopper and I went for a walk. We came across an apple tree, it is so rare that the apples from the wild trees out here are any good (usually crabby). Chopper took a bite and ooooh delicious. I took a few nibbles then a few more, i don't know if it was because it was the first thing I had eaten all day, at 5 pm, but everything about that apple seemed perfect. I had decided to ease myself into this cleanse by eating only raw fruits and vegetables at dinner time (no earlier) for the first 3 days, so this apple gnashing was was "allowed".

So back to 7:30 pm. Dinner time is almost passed, I think I will have some carrots or watermelon. I am low energy, and have a headache but this could be because I still have not felt the effects of the salt water flush this morning, I never went. Holloween candy must be harder to digest than I suspected.

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