Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today I want to scream...but first eat a pizza

Today is day 8 and I am definitely not feeling the euphoria that I've heard so many others describe. I started with psyllium husks today just to mix it up. Chop and I went to his mom's to hang out and took a nice walk on the beach, after the walk I felt really low energy and had to go to the market for some emergency lemon juice and maple syrup. I can't say I am feeling better now. More than anything I miss the social aspect of eating, I can't believe I have a birthday party tomorrow. I do want to eat, I do. At the same time I don't even know where I would start.

I have been skimping on water today too. I think I'm a little tired of the whole thing. Pull it together Persephone!!

Ok, so you know when you eat the same thing like 2 or 3 meals in a row and you just get so tired of it? I don't know if that'll happen to me now. I can see plain brown rice being the sweetest most flavorful food. When I cook I like to go all out I love for there to me lots of flavor and different flavors to compliment the others. Maybe now this will change, for a little while anyways.

Its mental man, aaaaallllll mental.

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