Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sorry maam we are out of coffee, but I can pour you a nice warm glass of salt water.

Sunday morning Day 2. First of all I'm not a big coffee drinker, but nothing is finer than being in my pj's sunday morning and having a cup of coffee and listening to some music...I know you all know the feeling! Instead I am drinking my salt water flush and listening to Chopper's eggs cook on the stove. sizzle sizzle.

Why the eff would someone do this, and is it safe, and what does it do for you exactly? Well it is safe for a given amount of time, and any amount of time be it a day or 10 days is helpful to your body and digestive system. Giving your digestive system a break, allows your body to focus its energy on other areas. I had hurt my back and it spawned me to want to do this cleanse, allow my back to heal and rid my body of excess water retension and toxins. Also a lot of people do this cleanse to lose weight, of course you have to change your eating habits after the fast to not gain it all back (pssst..I can help you with that)

The unavoidable here, is talking a little bit about my bodily functions. I won't be graphic, but essentially what I am doing is deliberately giving myself diarrhea. I woke up at 5 am to find that the salt water flush (SWF) from the morning before had finally kicked in. I am looking to get a faster return from this point on. Apparently after 1 or 2 days your body adjusts, you have more energy, less cravings for food and you are cleaning yourself inside out! I am looking at this like a reset, after a busy summer of a little too much wine and rich foods from working at the restaurant this will enable be to start fresh for the winter.

I have to admit that last night was tough (after 7:30), I started to get reaaal hungry. I ended up having some vegetable broth, and celery sticks. It feels a little surreal, the whole experience. I am now in the mourning stage, of the food that I won't be eating for the next 9 days.


Julie said...

Wow, you're up early! ;) I am going to do the cleanse next week. You have inspired me!

Julie said...

Ok, now I see the times are wrong on here...this is West Coast time?!

Bethany said...

Good luck!
Thanks for sharing your blog.
Love your writing.
I'll be following along.

DJ said...

Persephone you are a trooper. Practicing what you preach. Any suggestions on how someone who is always on the run can do something like this without having to take a vacation to do it? Would it work with mini flushes? And no pepper?

persephone said...

Thanks guys!! I'm glad to have you along! DJ...smaller cleanses like 3-4 days are good for you as well. If you started over a weekend where you could put some personal time aside for yourself, by the 3rd or 4th day it gets easier. I think what makes the difference is really setting the intention...if I had just woken up and decided to give it a whirl, I doubt I would succeed.

mlhodess said...

Thanks for sharing your blog, Persephone. I agree that's its important to be able to relay the experience firsthand to your clients. And, you are living the model by personalizing the cleanse. I'm watching to hear how you are doing and also to follow your weight loss. So far I've been comfortable suggesting clients do The UltraSimple Diet but not the cleanse because I've never tried it. Have you read anything about the cleanse for people who don't want to lose weight?

persephone said...

Hi Mary! I don't neccesarily want to lose weight, and I figure that any weight I lose I will probably gain back, because I won't be changing my diet to crazily afterwards. However if someone is in the process of changing over their diet (to less processed, more whole foods) and they don't want to lose weight, the cleanse and that change could lead to permanent weight loss. If you wanted to do it, but don't want to permanently lose weight I would just say, slowly incorporate the foods that are healthy that you know will bulk you back up afterwards.