Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got Celeriac?

So what day is today?? Today I am feeling the effects of this diet. I feel like I am eating large amounts of fats and proteins. So the story has been told that if you eat this way (healthy fats of course) you lose weight. I lost 10 pounds on the Master Cleanse and I'm maintaining that weight doing this candida diet, something I didn't expect. Despite the slimming attributes I am not crazy about the imbalance. I miss fruit, my smoothies, and bread. Someone commented the other day about any way of eating that cuts out fruits or carrots can't be great. I've always agreed with that long term, but this is to cleanse a particular problem, and everyone could use a good sugar cleanse every now and again.

I was eating a spoonful of almond butter today and feeling a little tired of all the heavy snackies when Chop reminded me that I could have green apple and still be kosher. So I went to the store, grabbed a green apple and happily smeared it with the almond butter. It was like apple dipped in frosting, it was amazing how sweet it tasted to me.

Talk to me you sweet sweet apple...
The brown rice and eggs which have been my breakfast since losing my fruit smoothies...
(looks pretty darn good doesn't it? Drizzled with hot sauce, since I started allowing vinegars, if you have Candida don't try this at home)

This has certainly gotten me into being a bit more creative in the kitchen. Without meat to fall back on and not wanting to eat too much fish, dinner sans carbs and beans is a little tricky. We had a bunch of celeriac root from our CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) share. If you're unfamiliar with this vegetable, it is the root of celery and has a mild celery flavor and the texture of turnip. I had never really prepared anything with it before, but it is allowed on this diet, and needed to be cooked so I went to town. Meal 1 was Cream of celeriac soup, this was flippin delicious, really rich and creamy but without a lot of cream (look for the recipe in the sidebar). With the other celeriac root I made a sauce, this was also really good. It was like a beschamel sauce but without all the flour and cream (a little cream, but nothing crazy, you could use soy milk for either recipe). I made them both at once because they had very similar ingredients and then tonight put the sauce over sauteed portabello mushrooms and onions with mache leaves (a really sweet delicate green) and baked tofu. Oh my gawd...it could have been a cheesy toast cream of mushroom casserole, so good! So I'm happy with my little celeriac experiments.

Meet our new friend, Mr. Celeriac. He's ugly on the outside but with a little coaxing, his beauty really magnifies.

Here is the soup...

And the rich cheesy bad for you imposter... (sssh, its really just a bunch of health food)
Just rereading this post, I find it funny that I started out complaining about having to eat so many heavy rich foods and ended up begging for more. Isn't that just the way?

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