Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Excited!

I am just SO excited about our new president!!!! I am not naive, I understand noone will solve all of our problems, but for this country on so many levels, this is a huge step forward.

OK that being said, Day 5 and I feel alive. It is about 7:30 am and I am sipping my salt water flush after surviving a trying pot luck last night. There was vegetarian meat loaf, quiche (that looked awesome), beautiful salad, pizza, rice and beans, seven layer dip, chips, banana bread, brownies, cowgirl cookies (oatmeal cookies with walnuts dried cranberries and choc chips) and wine. Ha! Fortunately the food and the TV were in 2 different rooms, so I immersed myself in the election poles and the many babies that were there. I think there were at least 5 (babies). It wasn't all that hard actually, I had a few grapes and a few cucumber slices. The brownies were a little tough, the smell permeated the room, but hey brownies are always hard to resist.

Its a beautiful day outside so I hope to get out there and be a little physical, now that I'm wearing my "day 5" shoes. Over the hump so to speak. To anyone reading, enjoy today!


Bethany said...

Just caught up on your blog. Love your writing. You're doing great with the cleansing and with blogging. You're such a natural!
And yipee yahoo about our new prez.

persephone said...

Thanks Bethany!! I write like I talk, it won't win any awards, but hey maybe i'll make some friends. I enjoy reading your blog as well, I have to figure out how to put links on my blogs to other blogs i enjoy. I just need to take the time...I'll get it.